Populära stadsbyggaren Cities: Skylines får en ny expansion den 26 mars där fokus ligger på fler lösningar för persontransport, med nya bussar, tunnelbanelösningar och rena transporthubbar för logistiken därimellan.

Key Features:

  • Underwater Friends -Explore the new fishing industry with control over fishing boats at sea and fish farms, adding a new commercial element to your city.

  • Water Water Everywhere - Utilize Water Treatment Plants that process waste water for additional uses.

  • Find Your Route - Explore new bus systems, including the Intercity Bus Service for transit between cities.

  • Fly In Style - The Aviation Club building encourages small plane owners to take part in recreational flying.

  • Five New Maps - Find a spot for the perfect city to build! Sunset Harbor includes a variety of different maps featuring boreal, tropical and temperate locales.

Sunset Harbor släpps 26 mars och kommer kosta cirka 150 kr.