Det ökända fängelset Alcatraz ansågs vara en av de mest rymningssäkra anstalterna men det hindrade inte ett gäng interner från att försöka. Det kalla vattnet och de starka strömmarna som omgärdar ön såg dock till att de flesta försöken misslyckades och i sommar blir det din uppgift att bibehålla denna starka tradition. I och med expansionen Island Bound till Prison Architect kommer du nämligen kunna simulera ditt eget isolerade fängelse.

This expansion will allow you to create Island Compounds with no access road. You will have to bring your logistics game to a whole new level with these prisons, as you need to use a variety of new tools to make sure they run as intended. From ferries to helicopters, you will be able to deliver supplies directly to docking areas, and to maximize efficiency by linking them to specific deliveries – but be careful, as this also means more access points to sneak in contraband into your prison!

Luckily, you will also have new security objects that will allow you to inspect deliveries and prisoners as they enter the prison, or at key security checkpoints. You will also have access to additional emergency services when things get out of hand. Air Firefighters, Elite Ops Teams, Air Paramedic – we made sure you have all the support you need when things take an unexpected turn.

Expansionen släpps den 11 juni men priset har ännu inte kommunicerats.