Efter gårdagens nyhet om XCOM Legends kan nu XCOM-fansen pusta ut. Julian Gollop som är skaparen av X-Com-serien från 1993 släpper nämligen sitt strategispel Phoenix Point till PS4 och Xbox One den 1:a oktober i år. Versionen kommer heta Phoenix Point: Behemoth Edition och innehåller alla fyra expansioner inklusive ”Corrupted Horizons” som släpps till PC samma dag. Det kommer även släppas en uppgradering till Playstation 5 och Xbox Series X/S lite senare.

Så här står det om Behemoth Edition på officiella websidan:

The Complete Phoenix Point Experience to Date: Includes the full game plus four major DLCs (“Blood and Titanium,” “Legacy of the Ancients,” “Festering Skies” and the upcoming “Corrupted Horizons”) featuring additional story missions, maps, and other gameplay bonuses, DLC weapons pack, and a slew of updates, upgrades, and community-driven quality-of-life improvements.

Optimized for Consoles: Revamped UI and gamepad controls designed specifically for consoles.

Intense Turn-based Squad Battles: Deploy your squad of four or more soldiers and drones in tactical, turn-based battles. Take direct control of your soldiers’ shots in combat with a unique free-aiming system -- target enemy weak spots, weapons, and more for mass impact.

Defend Earth from a Mutating Alien Menace: Face down an alien threat that adapts to your tactics to constantly challenge you. Face intense boss fights against huge monsters with unique abilities that require precise planning and execution.[/li]

The Geoscape Reborn: Take command of a strategic view of world situations and conflicts to plan operations and manage resources on a global scale.

Deep and Extensive Soldier Development: Customize your soldiers with unique skills and a vast array of weapons and equipment.

Uncover the Secrets of the Threat: Experience a complex narrative with multiple possible endings, and learn about the origins of the crisis through exploration, diplomacy, and research.

Manage Diplomatic Relations: Decide how to deal with different factions trying to reclaim Earth. Earn unique rewards for cooperation (and face the consequences for opposition).

Free Next-Generation Upgrade: Experience the game at 4K|60 FPS on PlayStation®5 and Xbox Series X with a free upgrade for PlayStation®4 and Xbox One owners after launch.

Phoenix Point är utvecklat av Snapshot Games, en spelstudio som startades av Julian Gollop och Dave Kaye under 2013. Gollop är som redan skrivet känd som skaparen av X-Com-serien från 1990 och Phoenix Point anses vara den spirituell uppföljare till den gamla serien.

Vi tackar Aasecond för nyheten. Det är alltid uppskattat när ni användare håller ögonen öppna efter intressanta nyheter.