Tro’t eller ej, men det har gått hela 20 år sedan Jak and Daxter gjorde entré i spelvärlden. Naughty Dog är mest kända idag för välproducerade äventyr som Uncharted och The last of us, men de började faktiskt med mer lekfulla spel som Crash Bandicoot och Jak and Daxter. Duon som nu firar hela 20 år. Gänget borta som Sony delar med sig av minnen och reflekterar över serien.

“Jak and Daxter was one of the games I would play at my grandmother’s house when I was little. I remember that she specifically owned a console just for us when we came over to visit and Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy was one of the games we would play for hours. I will forever remember how hard it was, as a kid, to cross the Volcanic Crater on the A-Grav Zoomer or how hard it was to catch 200 pounds of fish for that darn fisherman! It was the first game that I truly considered a favorite of mine. I even mentioned Jak and Daxter when I was interviewing for Insomniac because it had such a huge impact on my life and love for games. Never thought I’d get the chance to work alongside such an iconic company but it’s truly a dream come true!”

– Heather Finley / Quality Assurance Analyst / Insomniac Games

“I recall seeing the Jak and Daxter demo at E3 2001 and being blown away by it. It was the first time I’d experienced an open world with such an incredible level of fidelity, seamlessness and personality. Then I was told how Andy Gavin and the team had devised their programming language for the game, so it was pretty clear this was going to be a groundbreaking game in many ways, and it was.”

– Thomas Puha / Communications Director / Remedy Entertainment

Detta vara bara ett axplock av alla fina minnen. För den som vill läsa bloggposten som hel het finns den här här.

Vi bjuder även på trailern från Playstation 2 som lite nostalgi till dagen i ära.

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