Torsdag den 16 november uppdateras det snart åtta år gamla actionrollspelet Grim Dawn till version 1.2.

Uppdateringen innehåller en smärre skog av nyheter, buggfixar och förbättringar. Listan är så omfattande att du får nöja dig med att få de största sakerna citerade här, resten läser du på spelets hemsida.

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Major New Features

  • You can now play the entirety of the game up to the level cap on the difficulty that’s enjoyable to you. To support this, level scaling has been updated on Normal and Elite difficulty. Many areas on Normal now scale up to level 100. Elite difficulty now scales up to level 100 in all areas. Loot quality and experience gains remain higher on higher difficulties.

  • Defeating the Loghorrean on Normal/Veteran difficulty now unlocks Elite and Ultimate difficulty for that character (note: this difficulty unlock is not retroactive). Players can proceed to the difficulty they feel most ready for.

  • Completing a quest that grants Skill or Attribute points on a higher difficulty (Elite or Ultimate) will now reward you the Skill and Attribute points from the lower difficulties as well (ex. completing Kasparov’s Pocket Portal on Ultimate will also grant skill points from the Normal/Elite difficulty quests if you skipped them).

  • All loot tables have been overhauled with 30-60% less items dropping. To compensate, loot quality and iron bits drops have been significantly increased.

  • All Bosses now have a 100% chance to drop their (non-legendary) Monster Infrequents.

  • A new base Evade skill has been added, bound to Spacebar by default. Evade interrupts any other action to immediately dash in the desired direction and offers a brief invulnerability window (iframes). Pause now defaults to P and the Party window to K. Existing players will need to set a keybind or reset their keybinds in order to take advantage of this. Keybinds have been reset for Xbox players to accomodate this addition.

  • Health and Energy Potions have been removed from the game. The character now has potion skills baseline and does not need to keep them in their inventory. Dedicated potion buttons have been added to the Quickbar.

  • Toggled buffs are now automatically toggled on and no longer need to be on the skill bar (note: if your character currently has two exclusive skills learned, the one with more points invested takes priority).

  • You can now disable visuals for toggled buffs in the game options to improve visual clarity on your character and to show off all that gear.

  • New visuals have been added to alert you to Legendary, Monster Infrequent, Double Rare and Double Rare Monster Infrequent drops. Monster Infrequents are now marked by an icon to separate them from standard Rare items.

  • Monster Health Bar options have been improved. You can now toggle thicker health bars and display % values for monster health.

  • Monster Health Bar can now be toggled to also display all debuffs applied to the target monster.

  • The Nullification mechanic (ex. Arcane heroes) has been overhauled. It now purges all temporary buffs and Disables toggled buffs for 5 seconds. No more fumbling through your skill bars to turn auras back on.

  • New Accessibility Feature: Disable Day-Night Cycle. By enabling this, the game will be perpetually set to noon.

  • New Accessibility Feature: Disable Fog. If you do not wish to see the ambient fog, you can disable it in the video options.

  • New Accessibility Feature: Cooldown Counters. Enable this to see a numeric countdown on your skills on the quickbar.

  • New Accessibility Feature: Auto-Pick Up Radius can now be increased or reduced from its default setting.

  • A new keybind has been added to hide the User Interface for taking screenshots. Existing players will need to set a keybind or reset their keybinds in order to take advantage of this.

Grim Dawn släpptes ursprungligen till Windows i februari 2016, och för knappt två år sen kom det till Xbox One. Någon gång under 2024 släpps expansionen Fangs of Asterkarn. FZ belönade ur-versionen med betyget 4 och mycket beröm.