Sidan Access Gamer rapporterar att ännu ett [[MMORPG]] är under utveckling. Bakom titeln [[Dark Region]] står utvecklaren Uber Real Games som beskriver spelet med följande ord:

"In the year 2719, people have expanded throughout the known universe. Bounty hunting has become a common profession, but so has crime (like rape and murder).

America now owns three planets including Earth. America is the largest country and superpower.

Illegal biological experiments have brought two new humanoid races to be: sages and demons. Sages, also called "mortal angels", are a peaceful and carefree people with an average IQ of 300. They have weak physical abilities except for cat like eyesight, extremely quick healing and speed. Demons are warlike and evil, living like thirteen kills at a time. They usually have mental problems and low IQs, on average 75 to 80. They are usually 6 foot 7 inches to 6 foot 10 inches and have no pigment in their eyes making them appear red."

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