[[Gearbox]]-chefen Randy Pitchford delar skriftligen med sig av innehållet i [[Brothers in Arms]] i en nygräddad intervju på TotalVideoGames. Teknik och story är några av punkterna som avhandlas och så här beskriver Pitchford kommandosystemet.

"It?s really simple, but it allows for very authentic manoeuvres. You just pick which team you want (a lot like choosing your weapon) and you point at where you want to issue a command (a lot like aiming your weapon). If you aim at the ground, your order is to move to that position. If you aim at an enemy, your order is to attack the enemy. If you repeat the attack order, you?re asking the team to assault (charge). It goes like that ? it?s a context sensitive, one button command system. Very simple to use."

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