Computer Games Magazine har knåpat ihop en ny intervju med en av många som är inblandad i utvecklingen av [[Age of Empires III]], närmare bestämt chefsdesignern Greg Street. Den första frågan med det tillhörande svaret lyder:

Computer Games - First, why did Ensemble wish to return to the Age of Empires franchise, rather than branch off and start a new game?

Greg Street - It has been a long time since Age of Kings shipped, and we wanted to apply what we learned doing Age of Mythology back to our original franchise. We now are able to have AOK-level detail on 3D units and terrain. We are now able to actually show the bright and sunny world that we try to depict in Age of Empires by having the graphics be bright and sunny. We can now support the size of armies that we wanted to do with Age of Kings. In short, we are ready to make the ultimate Age game.

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