Strategitokar med en förkärlek till den turbaserade [[Civilization]]-serien kan i ikväll förkovra sig en ny intervju angående det fjärde spelet. På den kanske vitalaste frågan av dem alla - vad som skiljer denna titel gentemot de föregående - lyder svaret så här:

One of the great things about an epic game like Civ is that there are always new ideas for making it better. On one hand, we are adding lots of great things like units that gain experience and special abilities, customizable governments, an expanded religion and cultural system, and a living 3D world. We are also going to be delivering a great multiplayer experience out of the box and the most extensive modability of any Civ game yet. On the other hand, we are trying to make this a very accessible and playable game so we are eliminating much of the tedious stuff like cleaning up pollution squares and we are trying to eliminate some of the failure states that can frustrate new players.

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