IGN har intervjuat två personer från [[Mythic Entertainment]] vilka utvecklar onlinerollspelet [[Imperator]] som utspelar sig i en alternativ framtid där romarriket aldrig föll och istället växte, ändå ut i rymden och vidare till andra planeter. Så här beskriver Matt Firor, verkställande producent, själv spelet:

"Imperator represents the next step for Mythic. We are adding many new features that haven't been seen in other games of this type as we look to move the genre forward. Much of our current focus is around the missions in the game, the unique delivery system for undertaking them, and their variety.

It is our intent to ensure that the player is almost always on a mission, either solo or with a group, with goals that can range from extremely short-term, to life-long quests. Character advancement and story progression will be achieved through the player's completion of various missions."

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