På [[QuakeCon]]-mässan häromveckan fick Gamedaily en pratstund med [[id Software]]s Kevin Cloud och [[Splash Damage]]s Paul "Locki" Wedgwood. Ämnet är förstås [[Enemy Territory: Quake Wars]], om vilket man pratglatt redogör för bakgrund, innehåll med mer. Ett utdrag:

"As far as the time setting it's actually a prequel to Quake II. It's the story of the Strogg invasion of Earth. It's a first person multiplayer game with vehicles. We have this very unique universe with two very different teams fighting each other, the Strogg with their alien technology and the EDF with their conventional technology. We're trying to stay true to the Strogg universe and what their powers are like, so we really have two different teams fighting one another."

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