För några dagar sedan kunde vi avslöja Imperial Agent-klassen i #Biowares kommande #Star Wars: The Old Republic. Nu har mer information dykt upp om Star Wars-världens motsvarighet till Drakar och Demoners tjuv - klicka i rutan nedan för all information du kan tänkas behöva (och mer därtill).

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Assassin, Saboteur, the Empire?s Secret Weapon

The Empire dominates scores of star systems across the galaxy, but not through the power of the dark side alone. Behind the scenes, the cunning Agents of Imperial Intelligence track down and eliminate the Empire?s enemies?from intractable Republic senators to traitorous Imperial Moffs to bloodthirsty rebels with Republic ties. Imperial Agents must master the arts of infiltration, seduction, and assassination to advance the Empire?s causes; they face the opposition of a terrified galaxy and the capriciousness of their own Sith overlords.

Imperial Intelligence cultivates a notoriously vast and efficient network of informants, enabling the Agent to navigate the galaxy?s political landscape with effortless suave. Naturally, the Agent?s allegiance to the Empire is without question, but great latitude exists for those so closely attuned to the Empire?s secret agendas?Agents often harbor their own mysterious motivations as well. Having pierced countless layers of intrigue, these spies know of conspiracies within conspiracies. Even close contacts find it hard to predict what an Imperial Agent will do until it?s done.

The most elite operative within Imperial Intelligence is the ?Cipher? Agent?recruited and trained to carry out the most dangerous and sensitive assignments the Empire has to offer. Whether working undercover or carrying out assignments in broad daylight, the Cipher races along the razor?s edge of disaster, using carefully orchestrated tactics that leave little room for error?the smallest slip-up can be catastrophic. Each successful mission, however, shifts the galactic landscape in the Empire?s favor, and the Agent plays a supremely critical role in securing Imperial domination.
Relations with the Sith

The upper echelons of Imperial society are reserved for the Force-sensitive Sith alone, but theirs is a world apart. The heart of the Empire consists of millions of subjects, descendants of the original exiles who settled Dromund Kaas. For these loyal citizens, the Imperial Agent is the exemplar of the highest level of achievement one might aspire to. These are the people the Agent risks everything to protect. Though there are few idealists in Imperial Intelligence, the art of professional perfection is held in deep reverence, and the Agent embodies the Imperial ideal in this respect.

officiella webbsajten finns ännu mer bilder, information och film för er som bara inte kan få nog. Tror du att Bioware har det där lilla extra som krävs för att ge ett visst #World of Warcraft en ordentlig match?

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