I nysläppta äventyrspaketet Serpent Lantern Adventure Pack skickas spelarna på en resa för att finna en magisk artefakt, kapabel att ge enorma krafter till den som besitter föremålet. Ett nytt filmklipp från hela helheten finner ni nedan, samt insaxad information från officiella webbplatsen.

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VIPER just may rule the world one day - if the Council of Thirty and the Supreme Serpent ever stop fighting for control and work together. Both would reshape the world in their image. Both would create soul-killing totalitarian regimes. Luckily for the rest of the world, VIPER is still torn by internal conflict.

However, there is one magical artifact out of legend that could force unity on the warring factions: the Serpent Lantern.

The quest for the Serpent Lantern will take you from the skyscrapers of Millennium City to a hidden jungle VIPER base. It’s up to you to stop the Supreme Serpent from finding the lost Serpent Lantern and uniting VIPER for one deadly purpose.

The Serpent Lantern is a new type of content - called an Adventure Pack - available to all players now. Explore brand new content across a wide range of levels and journey to Africa to foil the plots of the Supreme Serpent, leader of VIPER! Here's what you can expect from The Serpent Lantern:

* Fun for all ages: The Serpent Lantern can played by any level from 11-40 and any team size from 1-5, with challenges scaling to match. Team up with your friends and take on greater challenges!
* New VIPER adversaries: Meet and battle new VIPER agents, including Draconis, Viperia and the mysterious Serpent Mages.
* Dens of snakes: Explore VIPER's network of Project Scavenger bases, the Serpent Caves and the ancient Temple of Nama.
* Snakecharming never paid so good: Earn UNTIL Merits from Project Snakecharmer to buy special costume pieces, action figures, devices and more.

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