Häromdagen upplyste folket bakom #Age of Conan att det norskutvecklade nätrollspelet återigen uppdaterats. Ändringarna berör en rad områden, bland annat balansändringar för diverse spelarklasser, förändringar i stridssystemet och en hel del annat - du hittar hela ändringslistan nedan.

Det är mycket Age of Conan för närvarande. Förra veckan presenterades [n=33697 ett erbjudande] som låter gamla spelare testa spelet igen gratis i fjorton dagar och i augusti kommer en expansion presenteras, närmare bestämt under GamesCom-mässan i tyska Köln. Du lär alltså få höra mer om spelet inom kort.

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* When creating a character, a new class should no longer be randomly selected if you switch gender and culture (As long as the new culture is allowed to be that class).
* Ymir's Pass: Fixed some tower ladders that were impossible to climb down.
* Resolved an issue with flickering shadows on some graphic cards and driver combinations.
* Players can now again promote a guild member even if the member is not standing next to the player.
* Fixed an issue where jumping off the bottom of a ladder after having climbed from the top would give you fall damage as if you jumped from the top of the ladder.


* Your target must be in front of you at the end of the spellcast of those spells that require a target.
* Tweaked transitions between directional attacks for 2H blunt and 2h edged weapons.
* Increased the damage dealt by all combos with a damage over time effect. These combo lines now also share a cooldown. This includes:
- Assassin: Slow Death Strike
- Barbarian: Jagged Cut
- Bear Shaman: Internal Bleed
- Conqueror: Bloodbath
- Herald of Xotli: Burn to Death
- Ranger: Flesh Ripper and Bleeding Puncture
* Characters should no longer be able to rotate (turn on the spot) while spellweaving.
* Your primary target will now always take 100% of the damage of your melee attacks when hitting multiple targets. This was raised from 75% and applies both in PvE and PvP settings.
* Using the mouse to rotate your character will instead rotate your camera while your character is rooted.
* ?Autofacing target? when hitting on your target is now disabled while your character is rooted.
* The issue that sometimes let casters deal several million points of damage should now be fixed.
* Absorbshields will no longer absorb the part of damage that is converted into healing.


* Increased the duration of Toxic Venom and Dread Venom effects from the Slow Death Strike combo.
* Reduced the cooldown of Slow Death Strikes to 10 seconds.
* Increased the proc rate of Lotus Weapons to 100%.
* Increased the damage of the Lotus Weapons damage over time effect.
* Added an initial damage tick to each stack of Lotus Weapons.
* Increased the offhand chance bonus granted by Assassination.
* Health thresholds for Assassination and Swift Ending changed to 75/65/55/45/35% instead of 50/40/30/20/10%.
* Investing feat points into Flurry of Blows now increases the duration by 0.5 seconds per point after the first.
* Removed the cast time from Curse of the Lotus. This ability should now activate instantly.
* Death's Gaze can now be cast instantly.

* Increased the duration of the Jagged Cut damage over time effect to 6 seconds and reduced its cooldown to 10 seconds.

* Increased the duration of the Internal Bleed damage over time effect to 6 seconds.

* Increased the duration of the Bloodbath damage over time effect to 6 seconds.

* Reduced the base damage of all spells.
* Shock Lance now consumes 4 stacks of Empowered Shock Lance (before it consumed 2).
* Slightly reduced the damage which Demonologist pets are dealing.

* Overreach will no longer give the Guardian a damage reduction when used.
* Brutal Overreach has been changed to 'Brutal Blows' and will now increase the critical hit chance of Dulling Blow in addition to its current function.
* Swift Overreach has been changed to 'Prowess' and will now be a damage increase to both Overreach and Dulling Blow instead of reducing the penalty time of Overreach.

* Increased the duration of the Burn to Death damage over time effect to 6 seconds.

* Fixed an issue where the bonus from Despoil the Soul was being applied to pets.
* Reduced the base damage of all spells.
* The drain effect of the Blighted One pets has been rebalanced to be more in line with other player mana burn abilities.
* Slightly reduced the damage which Necromancer pets are dealing.

* Immortal Spirit has been changed to 'Immortal Wrath.' Immortal Wrath is a new spell that when activated, reduces the casting time and mana cost of Smite and Mitra's Searing Eye. Rebuke and Cleansing Fire become instant casts and also cost less mana. This effect lasts for 15 seconds and has a 2 minute cooldown.
* Damage of Mitra's Searing Eye increased, and attack range increased to 20m
* Empowered Hand of Mitra now additionally increases attack range of Mitra's Searing Eye by an additional 2/5m.
* Holy Accession now reduces the mana cost of Mitra's Searing Eye
* The feats Spell - Immortal Wrath and Spell - Manifestation of Mitra now also passively increase the damage of Mitra's Searing Eye.
* Ranks 2 and 3 of Sacred Fire each add an additional second to the duration of the dot effect.
* The cone range of Cleansing Fire has been increased from 6m to 12m.
* When you have Arch-Guardian trained and cast Mitra's Searing Eye on a target affected by the dot effect from your Sacred Fire, you have a 33/66/100% (based on the number of points spent in Sacred Fire) to gain the Sacred Guardian effect. This makes your next Smite instant cast, mana free, but unable to crit and deal lower damage.
* Condemnation damage has been increased, the recast time has been lowered to 15 seconds, but the extra damage against undead/demons at the end of the channel has been reduced. Attack range has been increased from 14 to 20m. The minion-killing fatality can only occur once every minute.
* Unyielding Faith increases the attack range of Condemnation by an additional 2.5m.
* The Holy Cleansing and Avatar of Mitra feats each grant a passive 5% damage increase to Condemnation.
* When Holy Cleansing is used, it will clear the cooldown of Condemnation if it is currently on cooldown, and will provide the Holy Storm buff in addition. The Holy Storm buff causes Condemnation to channel in 3 seconds rather than 6, and causes damage to occur every 0.5 sec.
* If both Holy Cleansing and Avatar of Mitra feats are trained, it will also provide the priest with the Holy Storm buff when Holy Accession triggers. Gaining the Holy Storm buff from Holy Accession cannot occur more than once every 15 seconds.
* The Divine Blessing buff gained when casting via the Divine Halo feat increases the damage of Condemnation by 1% per stack.

* Reduced the base damage of all spells.
* Resonance damage can now also be triggered from Vital Shock, Lightning Sparks (once per cast) and from your Cyclones of Set.


* The Mammoth Sweep and Rhino Sweep abilities should now be working correctly again.


* Fixed an issue that prevented these quests from resolving properly: The Calm Before the Storm (Ymir's Pass), To Send a Message (Eiglophian Mountains), and Enslaved and Abused (Thunder River).


* Some mobs have grown tired of running, and are now moving around at a more relaxed pace.
* All normal group monsters and minions (but not bosses) below level 65 have had a reduction to their damage.
* Monsters of level higher than 80 will now do less damage and take more damage. This is especially apparent for level 83 monsters.
* Border Ranges: Mobs should now respawn faster.
* Old Tarantia: Lisi Rat-friend has opened a small business in Old Tarantia selling rodents she's collected to any aspiring pet owners, from little field mice to fat alley rats.
* Xibaluku: Iziel-Al'zeep's Divine Mirror will now correctly reflect characters below level 80.
* Xibaluku: The Martyr of Votantha encounter has had the overall difficulty reduced.
* Ymirs Pass: Old Buck should no longer ignore the trap.


* The whore dialogue now correctly mentions 15 silver, the correct price for her services.
* Gate banners should now no longer linger after upgrading the gate building.
* Purple Lotus Swamp: The stairs of the central temple will no longer become swarmed with snakes.
* The guild city Tier 2 tradeposts now support a tradeskill supply vendor.


* Capture the Skull: Players should now get properly interrupted if they get hit while trying to pickup the skull. The time it takes to pickup the skull has been slightly increased.
* The effect when putting 2 or 3 defense shields in the same direction has been lowered for PvP combat.


* Players in a group should always end up in the same raid instance now.
* All Tier 1 bosses will now drop Tier 1 weapons.
* Raid Tier 1 trash mobs will now have a small chance of dropping Tier 1 belts, gloves, wrists, shoulder pieces and boots.
* Raid Tier 2 trash mobs will now have a small chance of dropping Tier 2 belts, gloves, wrists, shoulder pieces and boots.
* Chatha the Demon Lord and Leviathus will now drop one extra Tier 2 weapon.
* Sabazios the Insane will now drop Tier 2 shoulders in addition to existing drops.
* Vistrix will now drop Tier 1 belts in addition to previous drops.
* The mobs in the Chatha encounter should be less likely to fall through the floor.
* Ahazu-Zagam: Reduced the damage of the Ahazu-Verin.


* The stack size of dropped alchemist resources has been increased.
* Some of the crafted bows had more range than intended. This has now been corrected.
* Shard of the Exiled God should now stack correctly.


* You can now send in-game mails to characters with Cyrillic names and also if they start with a lower case letter in the receiver name.

Ghostknight vad är det för bugg du pratar om? 20/07 Dubbelquestuppdateringsbuggen är kvar. Suck... kunde de inte ha fixat det efter mer än ett år? Nåja, det är fortfarande kul och de har ju gjort vissa grafiska förbättringar i och med DX10-implementeringen. Lär använda alla mina 14 fria dagar, men sen... 19/07 Djarff det beror helt på din server, jag kör på fury vilket är största gank servern. Visst det är jobbigt ibland när man levlar men har fått 2 st till 80 nu så att det går att slippa det :) 17/07 Det är faktiskt bra nu, duger i krig. Men om man ska questa kan det vara bra att vara 2. mkt gank kring ressplatterna 17/07 Och du kan bara skapa en ny lvl 50 karaktär om du redan har minst EN karaktär över 50!. Ni som tror att det finns tomt på quests tror fel, det finns quest för 1-80 utan att behöva grinda. 17/07 Hix0r Ny expansion kommer inte föränn om LÄNGE. Eftersom det enda dem har sagt än så länge är att den kommer, mer info om den i Augusti så vi räknar nog ett antal månader till release! 17/07 japp, man får valet och skapa en 50 när man skapar en ny gubbe. Går dock bara göra en gång så gäller att välja "rätt" klass. Förövrigt har dom fortfarande inte fixat satt man kan binda knapparna på musen, jag får ta och gratulera. Den kanske mest väsent... 17/07 Har för mig jag läste att man skulle få skapa en karaktär på 50 eller nått om man började spela igen. 17/07 Funderar själv på att testa igen, men måste bara börja min ack så korta semester innan man ger sig ut för att hugga lite huvuden. 17/07 Det gör du rätt i, så mkt som hänt med alla klasser så det bästa är att börja om från början. 17/07
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