Pc-versionen av #Call of Duty: World at War har i afton uppdaterats till version 1.5. Tre nya reguljära multiplayerbanor, en ny zombie-bana, buggfixar i parti och minut och en hel del annat godis ingår i den nära 1 gigabyte stora uppdateringen, som du hämtar från filarkivet. Där finner du även en ny upplaga av spelets mod-verktyg, men dessa nöjer sig av oklar anledning med att klättra upp till versionsummer 1.3.


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  • 3 new MP maps: Banzai, Corrosion, Sup Pens!

  • 1 new Zombie map with a new weapon (the Wunderwaffe DG-2), flaming Hell Hounds, new traps, and more: Shi No Numa!

  • CO-OP hosts can now kick players from their lobby

  • Improved dog spawning in MP

  • Addressed an issue with Zombie pathing

  • Fixed an instance of the player model displaying incorrectly

  • Some unhandled exception errors have been addressed

  • Improved server browser?s refresh functionality when the Source is set to "Favorites"

  • Added support for CODTV

  • "cg_DrawFPS 1" now only displays FPS and cg ms/frame

  • Added RCon command "teamstatus" to display players' team information

  • Mods: Added joinsquad script function

  • Mods: Players can now join CO-OP lobbies that are hosting map names with more than eighteen characters

  • Mods: Users can now load custom maps when the usermaps folder contains fifty or more custom maps

  • Mods: Removed the loading of duplicate assets that contributed to the "2048 materials" error

  • Mods: Increased the amount of mods displayable in the Mods menu

  • Mods: Fixed a crash related to the mod.arena file

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