#Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, #id Softwares och #Splash Damages försök att återerövra tronen i fråga om onlineshooters, har kanske inte blivit samma massiva publiksuccé som exempelvis #Battlefield 2. Icke desto mindre fortsätter utvecklingen av spelet. I dag har version 1.5 lanserats, fyra månader efter den förra uppdateringen.

Nykomlingen finns som patch och fullversion för både Windows och Linux. Dessutom kan du plocka hem serveruppdateringar för samma operativsystem samt ett nytt SDK (utvecklingsverktyg) med Windows-smak. Alla filer hittas här på FZ och ändringslistan återfinns underst i denna text.


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User Interface Improvements

We've packed tons of small UI and HUD improvements into the 1.5 update, lots of which are the result of feedback from our players. We've added new customization options for turret lock-on warnings, so you can now get the full warning (beep and text), just the warning tone, just the HUD text, or nothing at all. Mine trigger warnings can similarly be toggled on or off and it's also possible to set the size of the mine indicators on the HUD or turn those off completely.

The Limbo menu sees the addition of an Auto-Join button, which, as the name might imply, joins the team that is currently short in numbers. We also found that a lot of people didn't quite understand the Hot Servers tab in the server browser, so we've thrown that out in favor of a much more straightforward 'Join Best Server' button. The functionality is still the same, of course, so pressing that button will put you on an available server that's close to you.

New Customization Cvars

A lot of our players are really into the game and would like to customize as many aspects of it as possible. To that extent, 1.5 brings a variety of new cvars that can be used to really adapt the game to how you want it. It's now possible to set mouse sensitivity on a per-vehicle basis, so if you'd like your mouse to be really twitchy in flying vehicles and far less responsive in, say, the Trojan APC, you can do just that. We've also included new cvars for quickly switching spawn points for those who want to avoid the limbo menu whenever possible.

Matchcasters will no doubt enjoy the new spectator mode functionality in 1.5. There are several new commands that allow spectators to switch to the next/previous player, and to directly hop to a specific client. You can also jump to players currently completing the objective, and even set a custom camera position and angle that you can hop to at the touch of a button.

Ranks and Statistics

In the statistics department, the in-game scoreboard once again correctly displays player ranks, so you can quickly tell who's experienced and thus safe to follow around in the game. Vehicle and deployable kills are now counted correctly in your statistics, and there have also been a few smaller fixes related to objectives giving no or too much XP.

On the Ranked Server side, servers are now restricted to a maximum number of 24 players, since that is what the maps were balanced for. It's also no longer possible to start a ranked match with fewer than six players.

Bot Improvements

John Dean over at id Software has been busy teaching the ETQW bots new tricks for the upcoming console versions. We didn't want our PC players to miss out on these, so 1.5 features a truly colossal number of bot-related improvements. In general, bots now understand the battlefield even better than before and will act more like a human player would. Your AI teammates have also been conditioned to pay more attention to what you're doing and they'll better support you in vehicles and when attacking objectives. There are loads of other bot-related fixes and improvements - check the changelog below for more.

Miscellaneous Fixes

1.5 also comes with a large number of bug and exploit fixes. Some of these are actually quite inventive, such as using the Third Eye Camera to transmit an objective when the player is actually nowhere near it, or using an Icarus vehicle drop to teleport inside a building. There were also several map holes that have now been plugged and number of smaller fixes that were made (such as the MCP sometimes dropping in sideways).

Closing Thoughts

We've completed internal testing of the update and we're now coordinating with all the other companies that are part of the actual release process. This is actually a tad more complicated than it sounds since we've got quite a few moving parts there. 1.5 has to be coordinated with id Software (Windows and Linux), Activision, Aspyr (Mac version), Valve Software (Steam version), DemonWare (online accounts), and all the game server providers to make sure they update their servers in time for release. But fear not, we're currently coordinating with all of the involved parties to figure out the best release timing for the update. As soon as we've nailed down a date, we'll announce it here in the blog.

Before I tumble back into my storage closet, let me extend a special thank you to all the people who participated in the public beta and left their feedback on the boards. We also appreciate your patience during this longer than anticipated beta beta phase - we know waiting for the thing hasn't always been the most joyous of activities, but we're confident that 1.5 is a better update because of it.

If you're still reading, you're probably looking for the full changelog. Not to worry, it's right below this line of text.

Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars 1.5 Full Changelog

User Interface

* Added an Auto-Join button to the Limbo Menu
* Added new server browser filter. Players can now filter servers by the maximum number of bots playing
* Revised the 'Hot Server' weightings so lower ping servers are given higher priority than before
* Replaced Hot Server list with a 'Join Best Server' button in the server browser
* Fixed custom maps confusing the map voting system
* Fixed the Flyer Drone personal best being referred to as Flyer Hive
* Fixed the 'Most Vamptire Damage' typo in Personal Achievements
* Fixed the final Objective in a map not counting towards the Most Objectives Completed end-game reward
* Fixed Player Ranks not showing in-game or on the Scoreboard
* Fixed spectators seeing a defaulted string in the end-game scoreboard
* Fixed transparency options for Tooltips and Subtle Motivators not always saving
* Fixed video options not always saving if a player is using a 'Set as Default' profile


* Fixed the Buddy Player Arrows showing when a friend playing on the enemy
team took a disguise
* Fixed the Objective Bar sometimes flashing red while an objective was being
* Fixed the first bar of a two-part objective sometimes being empty when a
client connected to a server
* Fixed the deployable HUD icons being affected by picmip
* Players will no longer receive warning VO for incoming enemy artillery
* Added g_aptWarning for toggling APT warning on the HUD
* Restricted the g_mineIconSize cvar to values between 0 and 20
* The Fireteam menu will now not show 'next page' unless there are 9 or more players (instead of 8)
* Fixed Buddy Player Arrows showing up as the incorrect colour if that player had a Clan Tag
* Fixed the Objective Bar sometimes changing colour

Ranked Servers

* Locked si_maxPlayers to 24 on Ranked Servers
* Fixed being able to start a match on a Ranked server with less than 6 players

Map Loads, Auto-Downloads, ETQW:TV

* Fixed downloading modifications from the server not working with Vista and UAC
* Fixed the intro movie overriding the Accept Download prompt for mods on game restart
* Fixed the map loading music continuing to play after the load had completed
* Fixed the server crash when clients are downloading files
* Fixed ETQW:TV Relays crashing when clients tried to connect too early

Player Statistics

* Fixed capturing the Energy Cells on Quarry giving no XP
* Fixed certain Achievement stats, such as Vehicle and Deployable kills, not being counted
* Fixed ranks above Supreme Commander displaying as ##### or emptyname
* Fixed Mining Laser objectives giving an additional 40 Soldier XP to the constructor
* Fixed XP Save not working on reconnects


* Added several commands for spectating:
o spectate Client - Jumps to spectating a specific player based on the client number or the player name entered e.g. "Specate Client 1" or "Spectate Client Tapir" for a player called Tapir
o spectate next - Jumps to the next player
o spectate prev - Jumps to the previous player
o spectate objective - Jumps to a player currently attempting to complete the objective or jumps to view a planted HE/Plasma charge (only works on Primary Objectives)
o spectate position - Jumps to a specific point on the map, looking in a pre-set direction, essentially jumping to user defined camera.
* Added the setSpawnPoint command:
o setSpawnPoint next - selects one spawn ahead of the player's current selection
o setSpawnPoint prev - selects one spawn back from the player's current selection
o setSpawnPoint default - selects the current front-line spawn point
o setSpawnPoint base - sets the player's spawn point to the main base (Command Center/Domination Hub)
* Added several cvars for separate vehicle sensitivities:
o m_bumblebeePitchScale - adjusts the vertical sensitivity in the Bumblebee
o m_bumblebeeYawScale - adjusts the horizontal sensitivity in the Bumblebee
o m_heavyVehiclePitchScale - adjusts the vertical sensitivity in the Titan, Cyclops and Desecrator
o m_heavyVehicleYawScale - adjusts the horizontal sensitivity in the Titan, Cyclops and Desecrator
o m_helicopterPitchScale - adjusts the vertical sensitivity in the Anansi and Tormentor
o m_helicopterYawScale - adjusts the horizontal sensitivity in the Anansi and Tormentor
o m_lightVehiclePitchScale - adjusts the vertical sensitivity in the Trojan, Armadillo, Hog and Husky
o m_lightVehicleYawScale - adjusts the horizontal sensitivity in the Trojan, Armadillo, Hog and Husky
o m_playerPitchScale - adjusts the vertical sensitivity as infantry and in the Icarus
o m_playerYawScale - adjusts the horizontal sensitivity as infantry and in the Icarus.
* Added several cvars for automatic recording of demos and generating of screenshots
of the end game score board:
o g_autoScreenshot - automatically take a screenshot of the scoreboard at
the end of a map
o g_autoRecordDemos - automatically starts & stops demos at the start & end
of a map
o g_autoScreenshotNameFormat - auto screenshot name format
o g_autoDemoNameFormat - demo name format
* Fixed the "Deployable Location Approved" VO playing when the deploy
process had not successfully completed
* Fixed the intermittent server crashes some users were experiencing
* Fixed unintentionally skipping through multiple weapons and tools when using the mousewheel
* Fixed the 'Aborting Bombardment' VO not playing when the Airstrike/Violator beacon is in an invalid location
* Fixed spectators sometimes hearing hit-beeps when switching between players
* Fixed player landing sound sometimes playing multiple times
* Fixed some cases of vehicle wheels occasionally being above the ground when they spawn
* Fixed a disguise spotting issue
* Fixed lock-on issues when the MCP is disabled
* Fixed visual MCP deploy issue where it would sometimes come in sideways
* Fixed objects sometimes showing up in the wrong place when playing back demos


* Bots in single player are much more focused on the player and the commands the player gives
* Mission Critical bots will follow you to the objective then complete it once you lead them there
* Bots skill with the Anansi and Tormentor has been improved
* Bots in flyers are now much more dangerous on the higher skill levels
* Bots on Easy difficulty have been made easier
* Bots now understand the MCP changes implemented in 1.4
* Bots are better at accomplishing objectives
* Bots are better at guarding their teams HE/Plasma charges
* Bots keep focused on their current enemy when they jump into a vehicle
* Bots will no longer use mounted MGs if there are no enemies around the MG to attack
* Bots are much better at attacking deployables
* Bot gunners now target deployables
* Bot gunners will more often stay in the vehicle with you
* Bots now drop health crates dynamically
* Fixed bots not driving the MCP on Slipgate
* Fixed lots of cases of the bots having issues pathing to a goal
* Fixed potential bot freeze issue with enemies & hunting
* Fixed Medics not seeing obstacles when giving supplies
* Fixed Anansi pilots getting stuck chasing Icarus players around the map
* Bots will now avoid vehicles 'booby trapped' with Charges, unless it's the MCP
* Bots will now stop and give engineers time to repair their vehicle
* Bot Oppressors will use their Energy Shields more effectively
* Bots can now use all seats in the Bumblebee
* Removed some debug prints
* Lots of miscellaneous bot tweaks, fixes, and improvements


* Fixed the 'Press F3 to Ready Up' tooltip not always displaying
* Fixed the Tooltip frame being completely white on first map load
* Fixed decoy tooltip not always playing
* Fixed Strogg Hack tooltip not playing on Volcano
* Fixed players not turning to face final objective on Outskirts during tooltip
* Fixed not resetting proficiency upgrade VO when resetting tooltips

Fixed Exploits

* Fixed map holes in Salvage, Refinery and Area22
* Fixed an exploit with the Third Eye Camera
* Fixed clients having incorrect spread values for the Scoped Assault Rifle whilst unscoped
* Fixed exploit that allowed GDF to get past Strogg Energy Shields
* Fixed being able to complete certain objectives at a distance

Någon som har gett sig på SDK:n ännu? Kan f.ö. hålla med alla andra som tycker att man måste ge det tid. En bra idé är att köra som GDF tills man har lärt sig menyerna eftersom stroggisarnas utrustning kan vara något förvirrande :P 25/05 De borde kanske som Red Orchestra och andra MP-spel ordna en gratishelg/vecka då folk kan testa fullversionen gratis via Steam eller något? Jag funderar på att köpa det men oroar mig lite över dagens spelarbas. Skulle vara kul om fler köpt det :P 23/05 Demot? ja herrejeflar... När jag testade Demot så tänkte jag vafaen är det för sketspel jag förbeställt.."Riktiga" spelet är snormassa bättre. Gav det tid och det är riktigt bra.. 23/05 mm spelat etqw sen det kom. dock så är det inga bra implementeringar. med andra ord. för lite för sent.. får hoppas att promod killarna håller andan uppe och att det kanske blir en scen av spelet om ½-1 år 22/05 demon och spelat är helt olika 22/05 Måste faktiskt erkänna att jag fortfarande har spelet liggande här nånstans bredvid mig, inte ens öppnat ur plomberingen. Testade demot, vart såååå jädra besviken på känslan och speciellt ljuden. Fjuttigt och jobbigt, förutom några enstaka explotioner.... 22/05 Jag hade 200timmar speltid fram till Feb.. inte spelat sen dess.. QW är inte så kul första 15 timmarna.. sen är det bäst. Kräver stort Tiim Pläjj ... gôtt. Blev sugen o spela nu. :) 22/05 Bra, get oss nu en ny patch till UT3 22/05 Det är inte alls dumt tycker jag! Och det finns att köpa på Spelbutiken.se för 109 kronor, i SE variant! Prisvärt var ordet!! Länk: http://www.spelbutiken.se/php-bin/produkt.php?produkt=53825&active=1 22/05 Fan jag fattar det inte jag provadde Demot och jag tyckte det var skit kul,, bra flyt och så sen att jag inte förstog hur jag fattade missionens var en annan femma lätt bättre än dom senare Bf spelen (allt efter 1942) ok nu började jag inte spela spelet... 22/05
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