Patch 2.1 levereras med nya events, häst-race, minispel och en rad finslipningar av Guardian-klassen.

Via #Age of Conans officiella forum kan vi utläsa vad nysläppta patchen 2.1 erbjuder för godsaker för alla trogna barbarspelare därute.

Bland annat får vi ta del av nya guild events, nya pvp-minispelet "The Call of Jhebbal Sag", häst-race och förändringar av Guardian-klassen. Lägg därtill mängder med buggfixar rörandes alltifrån quests till beskrivningar, samt vinterhändelsen "A Bloody Solstice" så står det alltså klart att Conan-älskarna har mycket att se fram emot.

Fullständiga patch notes finner du genom att klicka i rutan nedan.

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Update Notes 2.1 - 14th of December
New 12 vs 12 PvP mini-game “The Call of Jhebbal Sag”

This new PvP mini-game takes place in the Pictish Wilderness, where players will fight over control of a strategic region of the wilderness. This region however will not be easy to control. Jhebbal Sag, the pictish Lord of Beasts, might have some sort of influence on the outcome of the battle! The PvP mini-game introduces the new Conquest rule-set and is setup for intense 12 vs 12 player combat!

Read more about "The Call of Jhebbal Sag" in this article.

New Dynamic Social Events

This update introduces two major social content additions: Guild Events and Horse Racing. Both provide guilds and role-players with some fun activities and offer an interesting diversion for everyone who wants to try them!
The Guild Events are new social mini-games held in guild city taverns ("outdoor") or in the guild city cultural retreats ("indoor"). There are four Event types introduced in this patch. Horse Racing is for groups in Old Tarantia and offers fast paced fun for able riders.

All the details about these new features can be found in this article.

Guardian Class Changes

Update 2.1 introduces a number of improvements we could make to the Gaurdian class in several different areas. We went through feedback from the community and compiled lists of what the players did and did not like about the Guardian. The changes includes improvements to Stratagems, Tactics and Maneuvers and also to both feat trees of the class.

Read all about the Guardian changes in this article.



* Many feat, combo, and spell description fixes for several classes have been done.
* All silences now follow the same rules for breaking as other Crowd Control effect. They have also had their immunities changed to 40 seconds:
o Conqueror: Throat Slash
o Assassin: Choking Powder and Miasma: Lotus-Coated Dart
o Ranger: Hunting Hawk
o Bear Shaman: Booming Roar
o Tempest of Set: Thundering Voice
* An issue with the Path of Enlightened spell has been resolved

Priest Archetype

* Fixed an issue with the cone area of Celestial Gaze. This spell should now be more predictable

Rogue Archetype

* Distraction will no longer spam text when having a soldier in defensive stance in the team.


* Added a new icon for Sins of the Flesh.
* Swift Strike I has had its combo-starter changed from UP to UL.


* Swarm Fighter and Overpower will no longer go on cooldown when you don't get the effect due to being unable to cast the spell.


* Overcome the Odds should no longer go on cooldown with no effect if executed when stunned or knockbacked.
* 'Discipline: Precision' will now co-exist with any Magic or Combat rating based group buff.
* Having Bloodlust Running will now longer prevent you from using Cunning Deflection

Dark Templar

* Vindication should no longer override Shadowed Soul.
* Scarab knight ability should no longer go on cooldown when used while charging


* Stall the Advance will no longer go on cooldown when executed while stunned or knocked back.


* Withered Soul should now be consumed when hitting destructible objects.

Priest of Mitra

* Manifestation of Mitra should no longer be affected by crowd control effects.
* Clarified tooltip description for Wandering Disciple.


* Leghold Trap's duration will again be correctly increased by training Ranks 2 and 3.
* Pin Down should now have a 40 second immunity attached to it.
* Puncture and Fire Trap bleeds will now tick every 2 seconds instead of 1.
* Weapon Specialization has been lowered down to 3/6/9/12/15 % melee and range base weapon multiplier.
* Focus Fire buff has been lowered down to 55% melee and range base weapon multiplier.
* Marked Target and Marked for Death buffs have been lowered slightly.

Tempest of Set

* Ether Discharge should now return mana for every healed target.
* The Idol of Dark Rejuvenation pet will no longer disappear before the buff expires.


* Fixed some lag issues with casting spells (like Wave of Life) for spell users.



* Players will no longer get their PvP kills and deaths incremented in the taverns and social arenas.
* The PvP level requirements on the mini-game PvP set have been adjusted to better reflect the power of the item set.


* This update introduces first version of the PvP group balancing changes. Players will still be able to sign up with a group, but their group will be disbanded and subjected to class and team balancing criterias.
* The cooldown of the mini-game quests has been reduced to 6 hours.
* Players should now always get Coward's Shame when leaving a minigame.
* The mini-games will now play a sound when the join window appears.
* In the 12 vs 12 minigame the whole team on one side can now see all members in the GUI and chat to each other.


Abyss of Kun Whu :

* Fixed an issue which sometimes meant players could be locked out of their own instance before picking up the loot.

Enigmata of Yag:

* Fixed an issue which made it impossible to take the Containment Receptacle below 25%.

Jade Dugout:

* Lao Che kill Quest should now always update correctly.
* The Brittle Blade quest to kill Air and Water will now update after defeating the encounter when you interact with the Pool of Shallow Water.

Thoth-Amon's Stronghold:

* Fixed an issue which caused the "Portent of Death" to not despawn when Hathor-Ka is killed.
* resolved an issue that sometimes made the Eldritch Tome become stuck on one of the pillars.

* Players that try to enter an expansion group instances they are locked out from, should now end up in the appropriate entrance playfield (if the dungeon has one) rather than an outdoor playfield.
* Kang Pagoda: Enemy NPCs should now correclty recover their health from the buffs they receive during the fight.
* Pillars of Heaven - Fixed an issue which caused players to not be properly affected by "overwhelming stench".
* Slightly tweaked the weapon loot distribution on Vistrix, Chatha and Leviathus.
* T4 raid encounters: Health has been reduced and DPS has been lowered on several mobs


* The Priest and Rogue-specific Renown quests should now be repeatable, as intended.
* Renowned players can learn the dances of other races by seeking out quests across the world.

Gateway to Khitai

* There have been 18 brand new quests added to the Gateway to Khitai region.
* You will no longer lose your Essence of Corruption item when failing the "The Demon of the Sands" quest during the encounter.
* The Demonic Yak can no longer be summoned with an insufficient amount of Gallbladders of Yak. On the other hand, if you have more than the needed amount of Gallbladders, only the correct number will be consumed now.

Black Ring Citadel

* Dexitheus should now correctly offer the quest Army at the Gates of the Abyss

Chosain Province

* You should now be able to complete the quest "The Hidden Path to Yun Rau".
* You can now correctly turn in the quest "The Leader Shall Fall" to Tamarin.
* The waypoint for the quest "The Leader Shall Fall" should now be in the right place.
* The "Tiger's Indoctrination Camp" quest is now repeatable.
* You should now be able to destroy the Fishing Boat in the quest "Standing Tiger Orders".

Kara Korum

* Waypoint objectives for "Cai-yun's Deadly Components" will now appear on the map.

Northern Grasslands

* “The Emperor’s Gift” (Golem) quest now rewards a bit more experience and Marks of Acclaim instead of Esteem Tokens.
* Players can now resume the "Milestones" quest after deleting it by having it shared by a party member.


* Killing the Nightmare Demon will now update the quest "The Emissary's Return".
* Last Legion: The Splinterspar Slaughter is now a repeatable quest.

Onyx Chambers

* “'Pride and Honor Over Life” can now be completed correctly.


* Rank 1 Faction Armor (Leg & Shoulder): Token price reduced by 50% (180 -> 90 mark of acclaim)
* Rank 2 Faction Armor (Chest & Hand): Token price reduced by 12,5 % (320 -> 280 mark of acclaim).


* Members of the top-ranked guild and their guests may now enter a Restricted Area accessible from Old Tarantia's Avenue of Roses. From there, they may enjoy private drinking, dancing, and throwing rotten fruit and vegetables at the less fortunate citizens below.
* The Visionary will now offer the tier two Megalith recipes at Renown level 16, as intended.
* Renown/Crafting: Master Architects in guilds Renown level 19 or higher may now seek out Architects in their city to learn how to craft superior Megaliths.
* The costs of creating all city decorations have been reduced by roughly 25%.
* A few dozen new guild city decorations are now available, from various sources across Khitai.
* A few Guild Renown rewards are now available at different levels:
o The Tavern city building and its plan are now unlocked at level 3 (not 7).
o The Farmer selling social pets is now unlocked at level 5 (not 6).
o The Cultural Retreat may now be entered from level 6 (not 16).
o The Horse Armorsmith now moves in at level 7 (not 5).
* The Sculptor vendor should now spawn in the Architect Workshop I at the proper time.
* The Sculptor will no longer tease you by showing you items of a higher renown level before your guild qualifies to buy them.
* Fixed an issue with guild renown sometimes not being properly calculated/reset for some guilds and players
* Resolved an issue where NPC's would sometimes appear below ground and inside building walls of your guild city
* Rescaled some of the city decorations ("Contemplating Ape" and "Balance of Souls").


* Changed gem socket type on 'Swiftsilver Partisan' to White.
* White Hand Valewalker Cinch will no longer spawn into the quest inventory.
* The Reaper dagger will now have a visual look on the icon and when equipped.
* The different versions of the Bone Flute have now received unique names: Lilting Bone Flute, Ancient Bone Flute, Carved Bone Flute, Shrill Bone Flute and Aged Bone Flute.
* Veteran Rewards: In addition to the feminine delights of "Pleasurable Company", veterans may now purchase the masculine "Satisfying Company".
* 'Harness of the Savage Slaughter' now has +40 Hiding.


* Thoth-Amon’s Stronghold: the alchemist quest “A Strange Alloy” can no longer be deleted to avoid accidental removal by the player.
* Changed the "get item" quests for Stonecutting, Skinner, Prospector, Woodcutting, Mining and Weaver in a way, that you can turn in already existing items in your inventory instead of having to harvest them again.


* Quick Dismount should no longer go on cooldown if executed when stunned.

Wolf Mount - Terrifying Howl :

* Cooldown changed to 15 seconds if no targets were affected. Cooldown changed to 1 minute if one or more targets were affected.
* Cannot use while stunned/silenced/feared.
* Players will get a "Recently affected by" immunity for 60 seconds.
* Terrifying Howl can now be used while moving! However, it no longer affects players on Siege Mounts.


* Eiglophian Mountains: All instances of the name Haldr Flamebeard have been changed to Haldr Firebeard in the quest description, to match the NPC's actual name.
* Northern Grasslands: Cang Jei should no longer despawn during his dialog.
* Northern Grasslands: If you accidentally escape from dialog with Cang Jei during the cutscene, you can now finish the Making Contact quest by speaking to Sethos.
* Paikang: Huan and Cheng-en of the Paikang Brittle Blade will now speak to you - even if you are neutral with both Brittle Blade and Shadows of Jade.


* The entrance to Kylikki's Crypt now looks like a proper entrance to a crypt.
* Polished and improved many visuals and fixed collision issues in various playfields.
* Fixed an issue where players were falling through the ground in a few locations.


* The token GUI windows should now word wrap properly (ie. no more huge token reward windows).


* Breast Enlarging and Arm Enlarging's cooldown will no longer be reapplied after zoning if the effect is currently running.
* The Fu Dog and Idol of Yag items now have descriptions.
* The Drinking Cape should now have its original description.
* Veteran paths should now always put you in the normal instance of the destination playfield.
* Solved an issue which caused the server to stall for several seconds.
* Increased the base damage and critical bonus chance of the Ravager of Jhil pet
* Fixed typos and inconsistent texts in various dialogues.
* The exit to Field of the Dead in Lacheish Plains should no longer use the wrong icon.
* Fixed a desync issue which could happen when doing a double-tap move and rotating your character with the mouse.
* The Tenacity formula has been adjusted to make the effect more visible. Tenacity will now reduce your opponents Critigation percentage by your Tenacity percentage. For example if your opponent has 60% Critigation and you have 50% tenacity effectively your opponent has 30% Critigation. This change should make the effects of Tenacity more visible.

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