#Sony har lanserat en mjukvaruuppdatering för Playstation 3, en dag tidigare [n=25954 än väntat]. Den nya firmwaren höjer versionsnumret till 2.41 och ändringslistan ser likadan ut som i [n=25852 den återkallade] 2.40-versionen, minus buggarna. Om din konsol inte fungerar normalt efter uppdateringen till 2.40 uppmanas du att kontakta Sonys support.

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Main features in system software update version 2.40

* Displaying the PS3 Home Menu screen during gameplay

You can now access the PS3 Home Menu screen while playing PLAYSTATION 3 format software.

* Searching the Internet from the PS3 Home Menu screen

You can now perform an Internet search directly from the PS3 Home Menu screen.

Other new or revised features in version 2.40


* You can now see the system clock on the PS3 Home Menu screen. The date and time that were set under Settings > [Date and Time] are displayed.
* When using a keyboard, you can now clear the entire text entry field at once.
* An icon is now displayed when you press the PS button for an operation that cannot be performed.


* You can now turn off the PS3 system from the PS3 Home Menu screen using the [Turn Off System] option.


* You can now set the PS3 system to turn off automatically after updating the system software.
* [Reassign Controllers] and [Controller Vibration Function] have been added as options under [Accessory Settings].


* You can now print images from a playlist.
* You can now sort items that are grouped in a folder by month or year using the [Film Date] options.


* You can now use a mini-size control panel while playing music.
* You can now play music content encoded in MP3 Surround format.*
* MP3 Surround can only be played in Linear PCM output.


* You can now use the [Frame Noise Reduction] and [Block Noise Reduction] settings for video content that is saved on the hard disk or storage media.
* You can now play upscaled video content that is saved on the hard disk or storage media. When the video content is played, it is upscaled automatically to fit the screen size.
* Upscaling of Blu-ray Disc (BDAV) video content is now supported.
* For DTS-HD playback on DVD-Video and Blu-ray Disc media, DTS-ES and DTS 96/24 for DVD-Video and DTS-ES Matrix for Blu-ray Discs are now supported.*
* "DTS" is a trademark of DTS Inc.


* The procedure for quitting PLAYSTATION 3 format software has been changed.
* You can now collect trophies in games that support the trophy feature.


* [Search] has been added as an option in the browse mode menu of the Internet browser.


* The number of Friends who can be added to a Friends list has been increased from 50 to 100.
* The [Information] screen has been redesigned and renamed as [Profile].


* This system software update includes all features contained in previous versions.
* The new system software will preserve any settings previously made to the PLAYSTATION 3.
* Depending on the software title, you may not be able to play without first updating the PS3 system software.
* Do not perform updates using any data other than the official update data provided by Sony Computer Entertainment over a network or on disc media, and do not perform updates by methods other than those described in the product documentation or in this site. If an update is performed using data from another source, by another method, or with a PS3 system that has been altered or modified in any way, the PS3 system may not operate properly and may not be able to install the official update data. Any of these actions may void the PS3 system warranty and affect your ability to obtain warranty services and repair services from Sony Computer Entertainment.

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