Strategiliret #Supreme Ruler 2020 har uppdaterats, låter utgivaren #Paradox meddela. Den nykläckta patchen innehåller ett nytt scenario, möjlighet att spara/ladda i multiplayer, nya uppdrag, förbättrad artificiell intelligens och en hel drös andra nyheter och förbättringar. Storleken ligger på överkomliga 70 MB och du hämtar patchen från FZ:s filarkiv.


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UPDATE FOUR (Version 5.4.1) NOTES

Scenario Changes and Additions For Update Four

- New Scenario added: Saudi Invasion
- The Saudi Royal Family has been overthrown, and the US must act quickly to prevent the new militant regime from gaining a foothold in the Middle East and disrupting oil supplies worldwide.

Update Four Changes

Major Changes/New Features:

- Multiplayer Save and Load added
- Spy Espionage Missions (Steal Techs from Research Centers or Unit Designs from Fabs) added
- Emails added regarding Spy Espionage and Sabotage missions
- Added Multiplayer Chat to Lobby and In-Game
- AI Improvements
- More than 20 new Tip of the Day entries, many detailing new features
- New techs and units added including Trimaran ships

Minor Changes/Fixes:
- Invalid Supply requests for Air and Naval fixed
- Corrected effect when 'Critical United Nations' turned off
- Equip list: changed max entrench value for Fortification to 100
- Close combat on fortifications etc only happens when upgrade is online
- Fixed rare crash when building facilities through two different panels
- More Game options settings are now remembered upon exit
- Founded and Fixed rare 'divide by 0' error in country data
- Fixed issues with Radar Station Facilities
- Fixed UI selection/panel issues in Defense and Units
- Fixed a rare city-destruction bug
- Barracks and Air Strip in single hex deployment-limit bug fixed
- Change the Map Cache-creation population dispersion code
- Population Dispersion code improved, fix population oddities such as N
Ireland, Sweden, etc
- Air Fields and Sea Piers no longer 'additive' supply if in a single hex
- Fixed some destacking issues (spies destack and cross-class destacking)
- Fixed Multiplayer Sync error due to random destack issue
- Improved Retreat and Out-of-Supply Retreat to 'back up'
- Improved 'cautious path' finding
- Trickle-supply no longer happens in WM water
- Ctrl-M now toggles sound off AND on
- Load Single Missile now only loads one
- Reloading games sets all tech effects properly on load (not just dayend)
- Tech tree issues regarding incorrect raw material effects now fixed
- AI considers dip relations etc as well as belli in 'provocation' to attack
- Split order no longer splits overstrength units into three
- Nuclear Missiles will no longer auto deploy to units when built
- Nuclear Missiles now fire one at a time
- Undeployed Garrisons now damaged by Nuclear hit and Artillery bombardment
- Improved slider/scroller code (internal changes)
- Units will immediately redeploy from base after repair command complete
- Fixed unit-missile accept/autodeploy settings in missile panel
- Updated AIPARAMS file to improve AI unit building and dispatch from forum feedback
- Multiplayer 'Human' icon added to flags
- 'Carrying Missiles' icon added to on-map unit list
- Military Presence Sub Department now shows Supply as percentage (%) in tooltip.
- New hotkey added <d>. Opens the Diplomatic Exchange popup for a selected region
- New hotkeys added , . Use the "square brackets" to move between complexes if you have one selected. - <shift> , <shift> will move between facilities if one selected. Same as arrows in
LAND/Complex Details Panel.
- 'Next Complex' now combines cities and towns
- Shift click now adds 10 days when setting length of ongoing trades and
field is editable
- Days left to build for facilities now shown in land department Complex Details
- 'add to selected' function now on deployed units list in defense department.
- Platform missile capacity visible in defense dept missile deployment
- AI Units Panic Retreat code improved
- Units move in reverse if target hex single hex in reverse direction.
- Missile Pts Size and Missiles loaded on unit icons made different from Missile Capacity
- Indication of range on map added to "unit orders mode" map tool tip
- Garrison info hidden if not in LOS
- Multiplayer Chat shows player flag/ visuals improved on chat
- Icon added in Units lists for 'I am in cargo'
- Transport plane default behavior improved
- Nuclear missile indicator added to loaded missiles list
- One way treaty breaks added
- E-mails added for treaty breaks
- Icon added to show If set to Autodeploy/Continuous in unit and missile ETT
- Obsolete indicator shown in unit design list of diplomacy popup
- AI relations for war/peace redone, Government types now factored into decisions
- Replace belli with threat rating in some GUI areas, added to others
- Transport helos now default to str 24 for improved lift capacity
- Removed "range enhancement" option from land unit direct attacks
- More than 20 new 'Tip of the Day' entries, many detailing new features
- Multiplayer Lobby support for using Savegames
- Savegames in MP lobby show date of save
- Saving games in MP triggers save on all players, autonamed
- MP Save trigger reported in Chat
- Some orbats/known designs updated
- Some regional data updated
- Naval unit "4 key stats" replaced missile points cap with missile pts size (cap already shown)
- Technologies for current tech level now properly accessible
- some MP reload sync errors found and fixed.
- Localization fixes


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