Då och då händer det att Playstation 3-versionen av multiplattformsspel släpps ett par månader senare. Så är fallet i med #Alone in the Dark: det lanserades i somras till övriga plattformar.

I november ska det vara dags och för en gångs skull kan väntan vara positiv - spelet fick rejäl kritik, bland annat för slapp styrning och flaxig kamera. Utvecklarna säger sig ha lyssnat på kritiken och utlovar förbättringar på en rad områden. Därtill kommer en demoversion släppas via Playstation Network i början av november.

Detta är nytt:

  • Full 360° camera control: enhanced camera controls allows complete freedom of the camera and better handling of third person movement for even more immersive gameplay enabling players to view the fire and mass destruction they are causing in all of its glory.

  • Fine-tuned controls: quicker and smoother reactivity of the hero?s movements in third person view increases the pace of the game and makes for faster, reflexive gameplay during tense fighting scenarios;

  • Inventory system more accessible: more logical jacket inventory system with the ability to scroll rapidly through the inventory with the D-pad or analog stick to combine objects. In addition, gameplay is paused when accessing the inventory system to allow maximum creativity in combining items to create unique weapons;

  • More tips: additional on-screen tips will help players quickly adapt to controls and easily understand how to overcome tricky situations;

  • Spectral Vision tuning: a tutorial earlier in the storyline explains the need to burn roots in order to gain spectral vision (a power that grants you the ability to see the unseen) and difficulty tuning means less spectral vision is required to reach the end of the game;

  • Improved car dynamics and handling: driving has been tuned with increased suspension and reduced drift giving overall better handling to make driving a fun walk in the park every time;

  • 59th Street level tuning: one of the game?s most exciting sequences just got better. 59th Street has been tweaked for a more satisfying race against the fissure with difficulty tuning, an added checkpoint at Columbus Circle and clear voice directions given by Sarah;

  • Brand new thrilling action sequence: an exclusive new sequence has been added in Episode 6 for even more excitement and variety of gameplay in the episode.

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