Via ett pressmeddelande har #Kalypso Media tillkännagivit att de har köpt rättigheterna till Tropico-serien från #Take-Two Interactive och att ett tredje spelen i serien är på gång. Utvecklingen står bulgariska #Haemimont Games och om allt går enligt planerna ska det landa i spelbutiker världen över den kommande sommaren.

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Kalypso Media has secured the worldwide rights to Tropico 3 from Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. Kalypso will release the third iteration of the famous and admired PC strategy game series in summer 2009. Tropico 3 is based on the first Tropico game.

"The Tropico series is a great IP which we are excited to continue. The game will be the biggest project Kalypso has realized so far in its short history and we are focussing on achieving a worldwide PC hit with this brand. The acquisition of Tropico along with other key licenses is fundamental to our future growth," says Simon Hellwig, Managing Director of Kalypso Media.

Tropico 3 will be developed by Bulgarian studio Haemimont Games, who are also responsible for the development of Kalypso's Grand Ages: Rome.

The game will attract the fans of the Tropico series, as well as newcomers with state-of-the-art graphics, complex gameplay similar to the other titles in the series and a comprehensive multiplayer mode.

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