Dead Meets Lead bjuder på en passande titel och samma gamla zombie-röj vi lärt oss att älska.

I rollen som en smått fanatiskt kristen 1700-talsbefälhavare i brittiska armén beger du dig till den avlägsna ön El Mirando för att bekämpa ondskan. Beväpnad med svärd, pistol och din trofasta Bibel är det dags för zombie-slakt!

Svenskutvecklade #Dead Meets Lead har en lite annorlunda handling. Men dess gameplay känns desto mer hemtamt. I jakten på ondskans slutboss besöker du 16 olika miljöer som sandstränder, träsk och byar. Du har både närstrids- såväl som avståndsvapen (sju totalt) till ditt förfogande, och tiotalet olika slags zombies att slafsa ner.


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In the year of our lord 1716, word reached the British shores of a plague like no other that had spread on the overseas islands of El Mirando and Rugged Nest Island. Not before long, the church councils had assembled a force to deal with this new infestation and drive out the evil, since its origin was rumored to be within the dark arts and witchcraft. A ruthless captain was selected as leader for a fleet of vessels filled with god-fearing men, and they were soon on their way across the ocean to liberate the islands.

However, God had other plans, and before the islands were sighted, a storm broke out and the ships were all sent to the depths of the sea. As the only survivor, the captain was washed up on a beach on – oh God’s ways are truly mysterious – one of the very islands he set out to purge. Being a devout Christian, some would even say on the verge of fanatic, the good captain was firmly set on cleansing the island by his own hands…

And this is where you take on the role of the captain and his mission to obliterate the scourge from the islands. Armed with his Spada de lato side-sword, a custom made Halsteiger blunderbuss pistol and an old Bible, you take on several missions on the Islands. Before long you will experience the extent of the plague, how not only humans are affected but animals and other living entities, all turning into dominions of the dark lords. Perhaps you will even venture deep enough into the island to find the restless spirits that has caused this plague themselves, only the brave can tell. But you must hurry, almost all of the villages have been overtaken and only a few can still call themselves human habitats. The challenge is set and the islands eagerly awaits your immortal soul, so all we can say now is;

Good hunting!

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