Som [n=29731 utlovat] firar #Battlefield 1942-modden SilentHeroes femårsjubileum med att släppa en ny stor uppdatering. Förutom en hög fixar och småändringar inkluderas det också en del populära tredjepartsbanor. Fullversionen väger in på på 707 MB; har du redan 1.1 kan du plocka hem uppdateringen på 230 MB, alternativt den slimmade versionen på 48 MB som inte inkluderar de nya banorna.

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Important Changes:
- Carried machineguns have noticable reduced accuracy from movement and slower recovery now.
- Stress-overlay altered and improved (a 2 step procedure).
- Decal effects vs terrain and statics added for several larger weapons.
- Some 3rd party maps often played have been included to make sure all servers and clients have them.

Included SilentHeroes maps [21]:
- Aberdeen*
- Engerdal*
- Engerdal Day2*
- Flisa*
- Ingenmansland
- Kongsheim*
- LingonStigen
- Myren*
- Narvik*
- SH Arena*
- SH Bocage*
- SH Byen*
- SH Dalen*
- SH Hillside
- SH MonoZone
- SH Rennesoy Island
- SH Wake*
- Skogsvag*
- Svinesund
- Tallskogen*
- Vaderon

Included 3rd party maps [9]:
- TRT Finnskogen
- TRT Meraker
- TRT Meraker Day 2
- SM El Alamein
- SM Änglamark
- SM Myrskogen
- SM Nästet
- SM Wake
- Julbyen

* = Also has COOP-support!

Included BF42-maps with COOP and Conquest-support [16]:
- Battle of the Bulge
- Battleaxe
- Berlin
- Bocage
- El Alamein
- Gazala
- GuadalCanal
- Iwo Jima
- Kharkov
- Kursk
- Market Garden
- Midway
- Omaha Beach
- Stalingrad
- Tobruk
- Wake

Full Change-logg:

-=[ 1.2 FINAL ]=- {Public Build: 2008-12-19}
- Added: New overlay-effect for when hit (red tunnel-vision version fading out over the black one)
- Fixed: AI (bots) accuracy with AT4/Pskott m86 reduced.
- Fixed: AI (bots) accuracy with M203 and HK79 grenade launchers reduced.
- Added: Hit-indicator in vehicles now takes advantage of faded hit-solution.
- Fixed: Stationary KSP58 texture-mapping issue.
- Added: New launch-sound for M203, HK79 and GRSP.
- Included: TRT Finnskogen, TRT Meraker, TRT Meraker Day 2, SM El Alamein, SM Änglamark, SM Myrskogen, SM Nästet and SM Wake.
- Fixed: Camera-shake on fire corrected for PSG90.
- Fixed: Increased LOD-distances for statics trebro2 and trebro3.
- Fixed: Lighting setting for some buildings.
- Fixed: Color-corrected some textures (for buildings mostly).
- Fixed: Corrupt soundscript in map SH Nästet.
- Included: Julbyen.

-=[ 1.2 RC1 ]=- {Internal Beta Release}
- Fixed: Missing hit-effects for CV9030's main gun vs terrain and structures, lost in 1.1a.
- Fixed: Floating items on Engerdal, Engerdal_day2, Kongsheim, Myren.
- Removed: Sway on all handweapons. Serious flaw in the BF42-engine regarding it noted.
- Fixed: Smoke for Pskott/AT-4 projectile tweaked some.
- Fixed: Amount of fire on burning wreakage and shrapnels increased.
- Fixed: Smoke for Hellfire missiles tweaked.
- Fixed: LOD-distances doubled for main bodies [and turrets] for all heavy vehicles.

-=[ 1.1a ]=- {Internal Beta Patch}
- Fixed: Coop Wake: AHelis reload missing on airfield.
- Fixed: vBF42-maps should hopefully stop having issues with BF-Manager on stand-alone servers.
- Added: Decals to hit-effects for M203, HK79, AT4, 30mAKAN, 40mmAKAN, 35mmAKAN, 57mmAKAN, 76mmAKAN, 105mm, 120mm, SSG120.
- Fixed: All machineguns now has noticable increased deviance and slower delay from movement.
- Fixed: Grenade launchers deviance from movement tweaked.
- Fixed: Wake, Coop: No reload for heli on island.
- Added: Sway to all handweapons.
- Fixed: AK5SF-reference removed, weapon renamed to AK5 in lexicon.
- Fixed: Removed WW2 backpack from Norwegian normal engineer.


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