#Media Molecules #LittleBigPlanet har fått två uppdateringar i rask följd de senaste dagarna, 1.06 ("Emmental") och 1.07 ("Roquefort"). #Sony [n=29577 lovade] i början av månaden att den kritiserade modereringen skulle förbättras, och nu har några ändringar införts: man får bland annat bättre information om varför ens bana tagits bort, och möjlighet att redigera den.

Andra nyheter är nya söklägen, in-game-affär, "Save as" vid redigering, stöd för vanliga USB-tangentbord och bildexportering. Nästa uppdatering, "Cornish Yarg", kommer om några veckor.

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Patch 1.06

Good news on this front - The latest update (1.06) brings in some much requested changes to LBP's moderation system. While the rules of what is and is not acceptable content for people to share have not changed, we have listened to your feedback and have made the following changes :

* Moderated levels will now receive more better information about the reason regarding this action having happened.
* The notification message will remain in place on screen, removing the chance that affected users miss the message.
* Any moderated level can now be accessed for editing by the creator, whether on or offline.
* Additional information is now displayed on the Good Grief screen advising users on how the grief reporting functions, and warns against making spurious reports

These changes, coupled with additional work behind the scenes should alleviate most of the issues that creators have experienced with the moderation system, and there is more to come in the new year. While the number of levels that have been moderated is less than 0.1% of the number that have been created and shared overall, we recognize that better communication is essential and we?ll continue to improve the system in response to your feedback.

An explanation of what constitutes unacceptable content to be shared can be found in the game's End User License Agreement (EULA) which may be read at any time via the Settings menu in the game, however we recommend you follow these general guidelines :

* Ensure that the content you share with other users is suitable for all ages - everybody has access to your level if you publish it.
* Please respect other people?s intellectual property rights. For example, don?t use images, brands or logos that you're not entitled to use.
* If you come across any content that you feel the need to report, then please do it responsibly. Hoax reports will be considered inappropriate behavior.

Patch 1.07

New Search Modes:
Huge update on this end. We?re introducing more ways to find interesting levels! Not only can you search by the "most hearted", but with the new ratings, you can also find the "highest rated" as well as the "busiest" levels online. So your input when playing other peoples levels will be even more important, so help us, make these search categories a great destination for the community. So "heart" away to those who deserve them, keep awarding those stars and keep commenting to help make peoples levels better. Also, keep in mind that this is just one update to improve the SHARE experience, and there will be more in the future.

"Wheel of Death" bug = FIXED:
The dreadful issue with speeding motorbolts and flinging Sackboys has been looked at, analyzed and corrected. So fling away!!!

In-game store:
Now you can browse and download costumes, level packs, etc, directly from the Pod. Check out the latest costumes and packs on the store and revisit all of your purchases.

Improved peripheral support:
USB keyboards now work and there is broader support for 3rd party controls.

Details, details, details:

* Fixed stretchy Sackboy arms animation
* Improved the corner editing tool
* Tweaked some Sackboy animations
* Adjusted Sackboy Slap sensitivities - so less accidental slaps
* Fixed lights (object) to permanently remember color change
* Improved online multiplayer level selection
* Ability to save you level to a different slot on the moon while mid-edit
* General server improvements
* Misc visual fixes

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