Den 10 maj är det som bekant dags för onlinerollspelet #Rift att bli omplåstrat och idag avslöjar utvecklarna #Trion vad den massiva 1.2-uppdateringen innebär för dig som spelar. En sak vi inte alls hört något om sedan tidigare är den planerade Facebook-integreringen.

Att Rift blir kompis med Facebook innebär möjlighet att dela med dig av dina bilder, youtube-länkar och liknande direkt på din Facebook-profil inuti Rift-spelet. Fullständiga patch notes läser du nedan.

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Rift patch 1.2

Facebook Integration - Post updates, screenshots, or Achievements from Telara directly to your Facebook profile
Looking for Group - Automatically form groups for dungeons, rifts, and group quests. Complete random expert dungeons for additional bonuses
Wardrobe - Players can configure up to five outfit slots to choose between
New Ascended Powers - Omen Sight (Guardian) and Quantum Sight (Defiant) reveal openings to Slivers and even more in the future
Additional Role - Purchase a 5th role for more class flexibility
Many UI Improvements - Auction House, Crafting, and Artifacts all receive refinements
Gilded Prophecy Sliver - A new type of 10-player instance. Fight against Golden Maw cultists from another reality to prevent them from gaining relics of vast power
New Dynamic Content - Two new raid rifts, one new expert group rift, rifts specifically designed around rewarding crafters, and easier access to expert group rifts
Planar Chill - Control strategic locations in Iron Pine Peak against planar onslaught
Scourge of the Sands - Defend precious resources as they are moved to critical locations in Shimmersand Desert, then launch a counter attack
An Eye for an Eye- Guardians and Defiants summon their respective champions in order to defeat the Colossi