Ikväll patchas #The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings till version 1.1 enligt utvecklarna #CD Projekt. Spelhuset lägger dock till brasklappen att patchen kan försenas ifall det finns risk att den "inte fungerar ordentligt".

Både butiks- såväl som nedladdningsbara versionen av The Witcher 2 omfattas av uppdateringen. Bland förbättringarna märks prestandaökningar (5-30 procent bättre framerate) och snabbare laddningstider, även om detta givetvis beror på vilken burk du sitter med.

Ytterligare en patch väntas ut under nästa vecka. Den är tänkt att adressera ytterligare problem och buggar som inte listats denna gång.

Du läser patch-anteckningarna för 1.1 nedan:

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Patch 1.1

Simpler and more reliable game installation and activation. Details to be revealed soon.

Fixed the free Troll Trouble DLC download. It is now included n the patch so there's no need to download and install it separately.

Fixed an issue that prevented some users from downloading other free DLCs (the ones given out with some pre-orders, special promotions, etc). The launcher now properly refreshes the list of available DLCs and allows for installation.

Performance improvements: approximately 5% to 30% better framerate and faster game loading for many users, depending on their individual systems and game versions. Owners of retail versions can expect the biggest improvements.

Fixed random crashes occurring on some systems, especially after saving and loading saves.
Key mapping – allows the arrow and number keys to be used for movement.
Added the option to invert the mouse.
nVidia surround vision now works properly.

More accurate assessment provided by the "auto-detect settings" option will help improve game performance.

Removed a bug that prevented completion of the "Blood Curse" quest.
Fixed a bug that prevented the additional link in "Extras" from being unlocked after winning the dice game against the GOG.com monk.
GOG.com credits now work properly.