Park Level och GDC i allmänhet

Park Level och GDC i allmänhet

GDC är i full gång och det duggar tätt med nyheter. Capcom, som ger ut Bionic Commando, har skickat ut bilder från Bionic Commando. De går under namnet Park och det passar väl fint när de är gröna och sköna? Sju stycken totalt och de finns att hitta här på FZ. Smakprov kan du även se nedan.

[eos_image="59332;w520"]Screenshot från Bionic Commando (Xbox 360, PS3, PC)[/eos_image]
GRIN-gängen som befinner sig på GDC skickade idag en lite summering om vad som händer på plats i San Francisco. Den går att läsa nedan och är på engelska då den är avsedd för bloggen på vår hemsida - men du hittar den som sagt även här.

After a couple of days gearing up for GDC we finally kicked it of today, Wednesday, with a great start where David gave a speech together with Intel infront of a massive crowd that then later could come see Bionic Commando in full swing at the Intel booth. Here BC Next Gen was running on a dual setup of two Intel Extreme Quad Core processors (and for you that are not good at math, that is a total of EIGHT cores) and a SLI setup consisting of two Nvidia 8800 GTX's rendering out the game in 2560x1600 on a sweet 30" monitor. All the while the trailer for both Bionic Commando Next Gen and Bionic Commando Rearmed was running on a great flat screen hanging over our show station.

Thanks to Martin (making the game look cooler than ever while playing) the entire showroom was bound to give our stand placed right inbetween Playstation and Nintendo some attention. And attention we got for sure because within a few hours of our opening both Martin and I had been stripped of our business cards so we had to bring some more.

While Martin was swinging away, David was answering all the tech questions, Eric was circling making all the important connections, I was showing off the BC game to the press together with Capcom off site and Bo was being pulled apart from all directions inbetween meetings by people wanting to have a chat with Grin's CEO.

As day one grew closer to the end there had been so many positive and well deserved comments from people all over the world visiting the development of Bionic Commando. They all expressed their support and love for the original, but overall they were just taken by how the game actually looked and played. Many said they liked the trailer but the game up close looked so much better then they had ever imagined and they could not wait to play it trying to twist the controller out of either Martins or my hands to get a test run of the game. Luckily Martin and I are strong guys fighting them of the controller keeping the preview exclusive.

At the end of the day we had a hard time even leaving from people wanting to see the game and we just had to tell them they would have to come back tomorrow for more. So I am sure tomorrow will be yet another good day. Finally we came to that time of the day where partying means to relax and enjoy ourselves. This started out with a few drinks at the St. Regis Hotel right by the convention center followed by some free drinks at the Nvidia Party and finally ended with a great performance by Skid Row at the Nordic Party.

Naturally events like this doesn't come without its fair share of stories of hardware breakdown, as we had struggled taming the power of the Intel computer I went on to a smoking computer at Capcom's pressroom that won?t live to see another day, but the great people at Intel had the computer up and running in good time and Capcom was fast with a replacement that also did the game justice. So thanks to both for delivering good showcases for the title we all work so hard to make kick ass, Bionic Commando.

So this is David, Martin, Eric, Bo and I, Lars finally signing out for the night and looking forward to another great day tomorrow at GDC.

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