ps3 Historia: Vet inte vart jag ska lägga den.Hata mig inte plz...

ps3 Historia: Vet inte vart jag ska lägga den.Hata mig inte plz...

Denna historia har många delar uppdelade, läs alla.


vet inte vart jag ska lägga den, hata mig inte.

here we go.

En av många historier jag jobbat med på fritiden som jag nu delar med mig.
Gillar ni dom så skriv gärna själva egna eller kommentera, gillar ni dom inte så skriv d också, kritik gör dom bättre.
Monday: 12.45
I write this in a hurry, Freddy just got mad, poor guy, I know he tried to hide his bite all day but that?s what happens when you are afraid of what to become when going over, It?s a strange feeling you know when you have to kill a guy that you have known for a wile with a shotgun to his head; just because he became a zombie, but he wanted that last round to be him so?.

we need to move now, we are going to the mall in 54th and 55th corner, Its me (Jacob), Linda, Eric, and William, that when I now look at him looks very unstable, but I understand, his wife ? well its just sad?
What is happening to this town? What was that the guy in the radio said? Infection? Cut off?
I write as soon as I can.

Monday: 19.45
This is crazy, we couldn’t go out on the streets before, so we had to go thru the basement down the subway, the problem were that the keys to the door down to it were at the 12th floor in the building.

Damn boss, having all the bloody keys? I mean why ? either way where we are here now, its so quiet down here, you can barley hear the moaning from the creatures upstairs, there is water in the tunnel that is dripping, but we are save now. We are on the platform on one of the seats in the far end, there is an orange light in the middle of the platform coming from a flickering light bolt.

William is saying that we must go on the tracks to a station about 25 min from here, that’s the only way out, cause the staircases is broken and they are so dark so you cant see where you place your feet. Linda is.. wait I herd something, write soon…


/i5 760 quad core @ 3.0ghz/Antec Kuhler H2O 920 CPU cooler
GeForce GTX 560Ti 1GB PhysX/1x Seagate Barracuda® 7200.12 1TB


Monday: 00.50

We have been running the past hours, we started walking and were soon in pitch black darkness, William in the start used his mobile phone that had a flashlight to lead the way, then it happened, damit!, William got lost, how to get lost in a tunnel you ask? We found something, a subway train, we went in to the middle of the train where we are now and taking a breath, William should just go and take a leak he said, but that was like 5min ago, and me and Linda are still here holding on to the radio and the computer. This is my story if you wondering, if I die down here, I want the ones finding it to just understand not what to do.

I have something in my pocket it looks like, wait.
Found a pack of smokes, damn that?s great, relaxing my nerves a bit.. damn I feel so numb in my body. Damn Linda is after all this still so beautiful, Tight office dress and after all this the her is a little ruff right but still looks fine, how does she do it?
what was that?... I heard something, write soon.

Tuesday: 13.15
Bright light Bright light, we found a way out of the tunnel, the t station doors went out strait to a park, we see some droners but they are no worrys, typical braaaains pl. Easy to kill and slow, it?s the screamers we don?t want, screams that erring noice that that the babies did in Dead Space I remember.

Damn that was game was great now when I think about it. But hey the ps3 died with honuer when it got dropt in the head on a zombie from the 15 floor in my house.
Bur right now it seems fine where we are if we should get back to where we are now.
Right we found William, he had been searching a storage and found a gun with 5 bullets. So we have a gun again, I am holding it right now, William don?t know how to use it and I did military service so that made me the shooter.

Herd something on the radio again, they are fixing a quarantine zone about 2h from here.
We are gonna go 4 it and then we be safe at last? damn cant wait 4 a bed again.


/i5 760 quad core @ 3.0ghz/Antec Kuhler H2O 920 CPU cooler
GeForce GTX 560Ti 1GB PhysX/1x Seagate Barracuda® 7200.12 1TB


Tuesday: 13.55

We lost Linda, this aint good, she had the radio, she twisted her ankle when we were running.

What happened was that after 10 min we herd that scream that represent a screamer, and when we turned around it was looking right at us from about 200m away, the color, the walk, everything said that it was a screamer, so we ran, and Linda fell and screamed, and that was it, the scream.

I tried to help her, I promise, I ran back and tried to lift her but she had panic and fell again, and so did I, at that time the screamer had her by the leg, the rest is just sto horrible.
Screamers info:

It?s a like 1 ½ person hight, often bitten and some times have no arm, eye, cheek, after when he died.

Runs about 30kmh, how I know that? I have seen ppl get overrun wile running away on there scooter and killed.
Very strong, have seen it take church benches and throwing them in the walls.

But the biggest problem is its hearing, cause it hears perfectly, one scream and he know where you are and come running. The thing y can do, run and look your self in, when the sound is gone , he is lost.

Kills in the way that it takes you, lift you up and hit you to the ground so many times it needs 4 your body to ether rip apart or become a body with broken bones. It don?t like to eat hard stuff it seams.

Right now I am in a dinner restaurant, behind the bar, William is flipping out and I need to move soon or I will die, cause ?it? is outside the window,
Need to go ?.


/i5 760 quad core @ 3.0ghz/Antec Kuhler H2O 920 CPU cooler
GeForce GTX 560Ti 1GB PhysX/1x Seagate Barracuda® 7200.12 1TB


Tuesday: 15.30

Its over, William is dead, not my fault that he was to scared to move, second later, he want to drink whiskey from the bar, “stupid fu**” and drops a bottle, the rest is history, barley got out.

If you wondering if I am safe now, I am sorry to say that I aint, Aint even close to be real to you and myself.
We have 3 problems and 1 fact.

But to start off I tell you how I got where I am, when I went out from the restaurant I found the first door I could open and it took me into a skyscraper. Took the elevator up so I can see where I should go.

Here is the first problem…

1 The zone is destroyed, overrun, burning. There was humans there, infact I saw some one, seconds later dead… so this is it…

2.The radio is lost, thought I had it, but I think now that it was Linda that had it, but its gone now…. Poor girl.

3.I have been scratched …. The fact that I have been writing this is because I have to tell you something. I have been scratched from the beginning, luckily the other dident notice my black rings around my eyes, we all had it, but if they looked closer they would had seen that my eyes where starting to go black to,, I were to become a screamer…

It was in the beginning it happened when I was in the bar in the lobby of the office, I was going 4 a coke and there he was, scratching after my arm, luckily I had my gun in the hand so he didn’t get it all, but from there I understood that I was going to die, the only thing that kept me going was the radio and the zone, cause the army had cure.

The problem is that the forgot about the ppl incide the quarantine and didn’t need/care/want to get us, let us all die, and then droop napalm on the quarantine zone. Easy done and nothing have happened….plane crash… what ever…

Fact: I have to choices, ether I try to find a new safe zone, but from here where I am I don’t see anything for miles, except the ground, where is see that is gathering up around 50 droners and 10 screamers

gits just minutes until they get it, they would find the stairs and then it would take like 5 min then I would hear them, I have about 3 bullets in the gun, can take 3 down and then the glas and throw me out and take 5 or more with me? Die with honour like my ps3…

Or I go the same way as in the movies, blow my own brains out big time, hey I bet y don’t feel anything, goes to fast, 2 shots, one kills me, but 1 when the twitch comes to…

Aahh fuckit, I always wanted to die fighting... what to lose? Do I have any more ciggarets?

Aahh yes, one left, nothing is better then a final smoke before you meet your maker I guess.

Smoking kills you: wtf must they be sarcastic to?

I hear them now, the screams, the groaning, sniffing the lobby, the toilets, not behind the front desk… there it is,, the door. The doors slams open, sniffing, scream, up or down ? up or down?

Going up , here they come, to the readers.
Don’t do mistakes, run, don’t go in team, you are better off alone,

To my wife, I want my tv back bitch.!

To my “girl friend at the office” I gonna smack ass when I get up there y know it

Its been an honour.


/i5 760 quad core @ 3.0ghz/Antec Kuhler H2O 920 CPU cooler
GeForce GTX 560Ti 1GB PhysX/1x Seagate Barracuda® 7200.12 1TB



Jag orkade tyvärr bara läsa ditt första inlägg pga den, tyvärr, undermåliga engelskan..

Du kanske skulle köra nån stavningskontroll, eller be nån vän som är bra på engelska att korrekturläsa dina texter innan du lägger upp dem.

+ Verkade ha potential, antar att det är en historia baserad på Left 4 Dead

- Grammatiken/stavningen

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