Det kommer kanske inte som en chock för någon men #Prey kommer att få en uppföljare, detta enligt [[Scott Miller]] på #3D Realms. Avslöjandet kom i en intervju på Next Generation men några fler detaljer bjuds det inte på, istället får vi veta mer om Miller som person. Att han varvar spelutveckling med kampsportsträning, som exempel.

The person in history I'd probably describe as my hero is...

Bruce Lee. Seriously. I started martial Arts in 1973 after seeing Enter the Dragon. I now have black belts in two different styles, and have trained in many others. I have read 50+ books on his life and teachings. Lee?s greatest attribute was his willingness to innovate, and not be held back by the traditions and conventions of the martial arts world. This is a lesson that I apply to game design whenever possible ? always question what has become convention, and see if there?s really a better way to do it.

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