#Relic Entertainment och #THQ släpper imorgon #Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II - Chaos Rising för de stora massorna via Steam 24:00. Rättare sagt när den 12 mars gryr. Redan nu är däremot den blaffiga uppdateringen inför Chaos Rising släppt, vilket innebär att du som innehar #Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II kan pröva på dina nya enheter, ett FFA (alla mot alla)-spelläge och en drös nya nivåer.

Det är nio nya uppdrag, fem nya enheter samt stöd för att lira med framtida Chaos Rising-innehavare som står på tapeten. Samt en läckert utarbetad förändringslista. Läcker på det sätt att den förändrar dina framtida val för att i rymden orsaka ond och bråd smärta. Ta dig en till på fullständiga förändringslistan nedan och förväntan dig en FZantasisk recension i början av nästa vecka.

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Chaos Rising Update 2.1 notes

New Features

? Support for screen resolutions with a wider aspect ratio than 16x9, such as those used with AMD's Eyefinity technology
? Stance Toggle option has been added for switching between ranged and melee unit behaviour in all game modes

? New Map: 2p Judgment of Carrion
? New Map: 2p Ice Station Obelis
? New Map: 4p Desert Showdown
? New Map: 4p Judgment of Carrion
? New Map: 4p Selenon Fissure
? New Map: 6p Argent Shelf
? New Map: 6p Judgment of Carrion
? New Map: 6p Calderis Refinery (Free-For-All)
? New Map: 6p Judgment of Carrion (Free-For-All)
? Added Librarian Unit to tier two of Space Marines
? Added Weirdboy Unit to tier two of Orks
? Added Tyrant Guard Unit to tier two of Tyranids
? Added Gene Stealers Squad to tier two of Tyranids
? Added Wraithguard Squad to tier two of Eldar
? Added the ability to play against owners of Chaos Rising who are playing as the Chaos Race
? Added Free for All and Team Free for All Victory Point game modes to Custom Games
? New target priority system implemented so that idle units prefer attacking enemies they specialize against
? Vehicle wrecks now remain on the map and provide cover

The Last Stand
? Added the ability to play with owners of Chaos Rising who are playing as Chaos Sorcerer or Hive Tyrant

? Added the ability to transfer save games of completed Aurelian Campaigns to Chaos Rising
? Added the ability save during mid-missions (Chaos Rising Campaign Only)
? Wargear tooltips in both campaigns now contain significantly more information such as attack speed, accuracy, etc
? New 'Invite a Friend' button added to the bridge to easily invite friends to a co-op game

Campaign, Last Stand and Global Bug Fixes

? Various general performance and memory optimizations
? Various stability fixes to front-end menu screens

? Fixed issue where a drag-select starting on a wargear item would "stick" even after releasing the mouse button
? More enemies now have the updated unit decorators
? Cyrus' Deep Smoke ability has been retooled; Cyrus now drops a smoke grenade when he infiltrates or reveals himself
? Thaddeus' Ranged Specialist trait will now also add a passive chance to stun with any ranged weapon
? The Chapter's Fury ability has been reworked to charge up from taking damage
? Thule's Might of the Ancient ability has been renamed "Mighty Strike"
? The Force Commander's Drop Bays and Orbital Barrage traits have been combined into a new trait called Orbital Command
? The Force Commander has a new trait called Inspiring Shout which replaced Orbital Barrage's position on the Will path

? Maps are now listed in alphabetical order
? New tutorial loading screens have been added
? Various minor ability functionality and balance tweaks
? Various text updates for clarity and accuracy

Army Painter
? Space Marine Red Scorpions chapter added
? Chaos Red Corsairs warband added
? Chaos Alpha Legion warband added
? Chaos Death Guard warband added
? Chaos Emperor's Children warband added
? Chaos Iron Warriors warband added
? Chaos Night Lords warband added
? Chaos Thousand Sons warband added
? Chaos Word Bearers warband added
? Chaos World Eaters warband added
? Khorne Red color added
? Chaos army paint schemes can be created by owners of DOW2 or Chaos Rising

Last Stand
? Fixed issue where players would lose ability functionality if revived after dying while entering a building
? Fixed problem with player collision when standing on closing gates
? Fixed an issue where the screen would turn black permanently during the transition between wave 19 and 20 under rare circumstances
? Last Stand heroes can now be rotated in the hero select screen

Front End and Options
? Custom games list can now be sorted by clicking the 'Players' header
? Fixed an issue where a player's Trueskill on the leaderboards screen would be one game behind the Trueskill displayed on the Player Statistics screen
? Fixed the total number of wins/losses displaying incorrectly on the leaderboards
? Fixed a variety of issues with rendering after changing graphics options
? Default resolution on first launch will attempt to match desktop resolution before falling back to lower resolutions
? Ultra settings have been disabled for users running 32-bit versions of Windows unless using the /3GB OS startup switch

Balance Changes and Multiplayer Bug Fixes

? Repair no longer works on ambient buildings
? Artillery projectiles now fire at the location they were firing at when they begin their wind up animation, this makes it more difficult to hit moving targets
? Units under the effects of the Phase Shift ability can no longer repair other units or buildings
? Units can now be damaged by grenades while entering a building but before fully setting up
? Looted Tank and Predator Tank no longer shoot continously without enemy targets while moving towards the destination of an attack move order
? Unit and ability FX can no longer be seen through the fog of war (some exceptions)
? Fixed issue where queued actions could sometimes be resumed upon reviving a hero unit
? Camouflage abilities can no longer be used in buildings

Map Changes
? Angel Gate: Destroyed buildings at the top of the map to prevent garrisoning issues
? Outer Reaches: Moved some objects to prevent units getting stuck
? Greentooth Gorge: Added impasses to prevent units getting stuck behind bases


? Added the Weirdboy unit to Tier 2
? Roks global ability now costs 500 Waaagh
? More dakka will no longer work on some units who have no ranged weapon
? More dakka will no longer work on unconscious units
? Ork global abilities order on the Select Hero screen now match their order in-game

Kommando Nob
? Remote bomb placement no longer keeps Kommando in suppressed animation state
? Kaboom damage no longer works on invulnerable targets.
? Kommando Nob's Rokkit Launcha damage reduced to 65 from 72

? Banner no longer gives bonus to recharge times

Deff Dread
? Deff Dread health has been increased to 650 from 450
? Deff Dread Burnaz and Bitz upgrade cost has decreased to 180/20 from 200/20
? Burnaz and Bitz now adds +400 HP
? Deff Dread cost has increased to 250/70 from 250/45
? Burna damage reduced to 40 from 90
? Burnas can now use Attack Ground
? Special attack no longer cut through immunities and armor

? Stikkbomma stun bomb cooldown reduced to 30 seconds from 60 seconds
? Stikkbommba grenade damage has been adjusted over their effective radius, does more consistent and higher damage.
? Stikkbomma HP increased to 200
? Stikkbomb damage increased to 67 from 58

? Min range added to Rokkit barrage

? Warboss Powerclaw now does 190 damage, up from 150
? Warboss? Shoota ability now does 50 damage for the duration of the ability, up from 28
? Weapon skill reduced to 70 from 90
? Knockback shot can no longer target vehicles
? Knockback shots changed to weapon knockback instead of ability knockback

? Bomba boyz attack no longer hurts immune units

? Burna Upgrade increases health by 10% instead of 20%
? Burna upgrade cost 85/20

? Ork waaagh banner now has the Frazzle ability which stuns nearby enemies and buffs the speed, attack and defense of nearby allies
? Ork waaagh banner no longer gives bonuses to ability recharge times

Nob Squad
? Can now attack buildings with their default weapon

Looted Tank
? Max speed reduced to 5 from 7


? Added the Wraithguard unit Tier 2
? Eldritch Storm now costs 500 Psychic Might
? Weapon platform teams can now garrison buildings

? Holo-field ability added to farseer webway gate, when activated cloaks nearby units.
? Webway gates are now permanently cloaked when playing as the Farseer hero

Warpspider Hero
? Entangle will no longer work on unconscious units
? Units affected by group teleport are immune to knockback
? Crack Shot can no longer be used on units without a ranged weapon
? Heavy gauge filament can be toggled in buildings
? Heavy gauge filament no longer changes weapon damage
? Entangle no longer works on vehicles

? Cannot be knocked back while levitate active
? Weapon skill reduced to 70 from 90
? Mindwar damage type is now melee heavy instead of piercing

? Warlock?s merciless Witchblade now drains 15 mana per hit, down from 30
? Destructor damages units in buildings
? Weapon skill reduced to 70 from 90
? Cloaking shroud now affects vehicles
? Providence should now properly make you invulnerable
? Warlock no longer leaps and knocks down enemies
? Warlock now charges enemies

? Avatar of Khaine sword damage increase to 340 from 250
? Cost decreased slightly by 20 power
? Build time decreased to 75s

? Warp spiders now only seek cover in a 2m radius to lower the time they spend between teleporting and firing at enemies

? Wraithlord weapon upgrade icons now disappear when one is researched
? Wraithlord cost has increased to 450/120 from 450/80
? Wraithlord health has increased to 1200 from 700
? Wraithlord now does splash damage on its melee attack

? Kinetic shot cannot target units immune to knockback
? Kinetic shot now does weapon knockback instead of medium weapon knockback
? Infiltrate ability has no cooldown

Shuriken Cannon team
? Energy removed
? Can garrison structures
? Squad health increased to 825

Brightlance Weapon team
? Squad health increased to 825

? When fleet of foot is used with an exarch added, squads takes 50% reduced ranged damage for the duration.
? Aspect of banshee increases HP by 30% from 25%

D Cannon
? Projectile now fires at the location that was targeted when the D cannon begins its wind up animation. This makes it more difficult for the D Cannon to hit moving targets
? Can garrison structures
? Squad health increased to 825

? Guardian warlock damage reduction aura effect changed to 0.825 from 0.75

? Speed reduced to 6 from 8

Fire Prism
? Improved toggling between fire modes
? Speed reduced to 4.5 from 6.5

Space Marines

? Added Librarian unit to tier 2
? Orbital Bombardment now costs 500 zeal
? Blessing of the Omnissiah now repairs less HP to vehicles
? Added the ability to upgrade Space Marine Turrets to Missile turrets

Force Commander
? Stormshield wargear now grants the Force Commander a 20% ranged damage reduction bonus
? Force Commander power fist wargear damage increased from 145 to 170
? Force Commander terminator power fist damage increased from 145 to 170
? Force Commander artificer armour now grants 20 energy as well as addition HP
? Fixed an exploit allowing the Force Commander to give a never-ending defense bonus to allies from a Webway gate
? Force Commander in Terminator armour now has a lightning claw upgrade

? Techmarine melee damage increased from 14 to 18
? Techmarine now has a melta gun wargear option in tier 2
? Bionics now effects a 360-degree area with reduced damage
? Proximity Mine can now be cancelled while building

Devastator Marine Squad
? Now has a Lascannon upgrade in tier 2 effective against vehicles

? Dreadnought now has a multimelta upgrade effective vs. vehicles and heavy infantry
? Dreadnought cost increased from 500/90 to 500/140
? Dreadnought HP increased to 1200 from 800
? Dreadnoughts now do splash damage with their melee attacks

Tactical Marines
? Tactical Marines now have the Kraken Bolts ability which increases their weapon damage by 20% against targets with heavy armour
? Plasma gun damage decreased to 65 from 70

? Razorback damage increased to 110 from 95

? Predator now has a dual linked lascannon upgrade which is effective vs. vehicles

? Terminator powerfist damage increased from 47 to 68
? Terminator cost reduced to 300 Zeal and 600 Requisition
? Cyclone missile barrage damage reduced to 40 from 80, no longer knocks back retreating units

Assault Terminators
? Assault Terminators now have a lightning claws upgrade
? Assault Terminators HP increased from 1500 to 1800
? Storm Hammer damage decreased from 85 to 75
? Assault Terminators cost reduced to 300 Zeal and 600 Requisition


? Tier 2 Carnifex has been reintegrated into the tier 3 Screamer Killer and remains in tier 3
? Added Genestealer unit to tier 2
? Added Tyrant Guard unit to tier 2
? The global ability ?Mycetic Spores? now deploys a Ravener Brood and has been moved to the Ravener Alpha
? The global ability ?Spore Mines? has been moved to the Lictor Alpha
? Tyranoformation now costs 500 Biomass

Hive Tyrant
? Hive Tyrant Crushing Claw damage increased to 120 from 73

Ravener Alpha
? Corrosive Devourer damage reduced from 180 to 135
? Corrosive Devourer cooldown reduced from 1.8 to 1.4
? The Ravener Alpha can now construct the Hive Node structure

? The adrenal glands upgrade has been reduced in cost to 75/15 from 75/20

? Warriors with the Adrenal Gland upgrade now provide melee Tyranid units with a boost to melee damage
? Adrenal Gland warriors damage reduced to 27.5 from 55

? Zoanthrope windup speed increased to 2s from 1.5s

Venom Brood
? The Venom Brood now provides ranged Tyranid units with a boost to ranged damage
? Venom Brood warrior no longer knockdown units with their leap

Spore Mines
? Fixed an issue where Spore Mines would not damage power nodes and power generators

/ end of notes for 2.1 Chaos Rising Update

För att uppdatera ditt nuvarande Dawn of War II är det bara att logga in på Steam, men förvänta dig långa nedladdningstider för den närmare 2GB stora uppdateringen. Det är tydligen många som tänker samma tanke. Däremot rekommenderas det att du delar med dig av effektiva nedladdningsländer i forumtråden.

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