Steamspel 2023

Dying breed nyheten som @JonnyMyrén postade idag fick fint gensvar, så tänkte jag plintar ner några av de andra spel som jag lagt till på min wishlist det senaste:

Death Must Die

Descend the nether in search of Death himself! Choose from God-given powers to slay his hordes of minions. Unlock new heroes, collect powerful items and create game-breaking synergies in this roguelite hack and slash survivors game.

Ad Infinitum

When reality is a nightmare, nightmares become real. In this psychological horror game, you fight the terrifying creatures invading your mind. Can you save your sanity?


UNFOLLOW is a surreal, hyperrealistic horror game. Play as a victim of bullying, escaping from terrifying monsters while uncovering the mystery of Akidearest in a thrilling journey of terror, pushing you to the edge of your seat as you explore the dark impact of social media on mental health.

Echoes of the Living

Echoes of the Living is a dark Classic Survival Horror inspired by the greatest hits from he 90's focused on reimagining visual horror, your goal is to make it alive while undercovering the truth about the incident.

No Creeps Were Harmed TD

Employ lethal turrets, traps, and gadgets to defend against an onslaught of evolving creeps! Step into a twisted, hyper 3D, mind bending realm. Upgrade and adapt your defenses. Become a master maze crafter. Collect bizarre artifacts. Rush creeps for lucrative rewards, and succumb to greed!

Slime 3K: Rise Against Despot

The goo used to artificially grow humans has become self-aware and risen up against its creator! Devour humans, grow weapons from your body, fight against everything, and challenge the Despot himself!

Never Grave: The Witch and The Curse

A Metroidvania x Roguelite, where you advance using a cursed hat. Use a variety of magic or possess your enemies to reach the lowest levels! Bring back loot, build new facilities in your village, make a living and strengthen yourself for the next battle! Supports up to 4-player multiplayer.

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Tack för sammanställningen, och kul att se du är tillbaka med de här trådarna som du gjort förut. Hoppas det blir ett stående inslag framöver


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Personbeskrivning: "Han är stygg över alla gränser" - Gustav Höglund
Personbeskrivning 2: "Man kan lita på uber" - Joakim Bennet
Det råder lite tvivel ovan, men jag luktar gott i alla fall.

Skrivet av uberpwnage2.0:

Tack för sammanställningen, och kul att se du är tillbaka med de här trådarna som du gjort förut. Hoppas det blir ett stående inslag framöver

Är ju som många hemma från jobbet just nu så har ju med tid för spel och Fz häng just nu!


Tack för sammanställningen, uppskattas 👌🙂👍


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Vill slänga ut en rekommendation på spelet Thronefall som släpptes igår!

Kört det några timmar nu efter lunchen och det är ett svin kul strategi spel


Om man vill spela Zelda på pc lagligt så kanske detta kan vara ett alternativ!

Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm släpptes igår och de som spelat det är nöjda.


Voxel Miner: Dwellers of The Deep ute nu!


Missa inte svenska Can Strike

Spelet är gratis och ute nu!


Ugly är nu släppt och det är grymt bra!

Letat man efter ett bra och snyggt pusselspel så sov inte på detta!


Man hör ofta att golk vill ha mer mirrors edge, kanske detta spel kan hålla pelaren medans man väntar?


Hittat ett gäng bra spel sen sist, de flesta av dessa har haft demos förra veckan som jag spelat och tyckt om:


Vexlands is a realm of surprises. Every newly opened space brings a surprise: loot, resources, dungeons, monsters and disasters! Build your village where you craft new equipment before you explore uncharted areas, and find relics that explain who came before and why these lands are cursed.


Take on a high-speed hoverboarding adventure through a post-apocalyptic world. Make tricks, craft gadgets and fight robots to stop an AI onslaught threating to wipe out the remains of humanity.

The Mobius Machine

Discover a vast alien world. Fight the ferocious local fauna and killer machines. Reveal its secrets and find a way to escape. The Mobius Machine is a side-scroller action platformer with dynamic combat and heavy emphasis on exploration.


SpellRogue is a turn-based, deckbuilding roguelike where you cast powerful spells using your Mana Dice, gain legendary artifacts, upgrade your spells and experiment with potent combinations to annihilate the Voidwalkers corrupting the world.


Drakantos is a free-to-play MMORPG with a nostalgic pixel art style, combined with exciting, fast-paced action combat and more than 20 unique playable heroes.

Timespinner 2: Unwoven Dream

Travel to the Tower in the Sea to avert the apocalypse, in this exploration action-platformer. Join Auria, a retired war hero, as she adventures through a beautiful and dangerous world to save her family and the fabric of reality itself!

Little Goody Two Shoes

Venture into the woods as you play Little Goody Two Shoes, a phantasmagorical horror narrative adventure where all your decisions matter!


Alltså Overrider, vilka Airblade-vibbar. Ska absolut kolla in.


The Last Exterminator

You're an exterminator. You kill things for a living. When a hostile invasion of alien cockroaches rocks your city, you've got a job to do. A high-octane retro-FPS inspired by some of the best games of the 90s.

Divine Frequency

A bewildering tale of a trashcan hobo's rise to becoming the universe's most effective security software.

Twisted Tower

Bioshock meets Willy Wonka. Climb the Twisted Tower game show! Every deadly floor has a variety of paths to choose, horrifying enemies to slaughter, and clues about your dark past. Can you get to the top and win the heart of the love of your life?

Altered Alma

Altered Alma combines the beloved classic Metroidvania formula with RPG elements, dating sim features, a slick pixel-art presentation, and a gripping story. Whether you want to beat up bad guys, find love, or just explore the beautiful cityscape, Neo-Barcelona awaits!

CYGNI: All Guns Blazing

An unrelenting onslaught of eye-popping visuals, ear bursting soundscapes and mind-melting action makes CYGNI the vanguard for the next generation of shoot-em ups. Outgunned, outmanned and out on your own, plunge into a sky full of hell in a last-ditch battle for survival.


ZeroSpace is a cinematic RTS with an epic sci-fi story where your decisions determine the fate of the galaxy. No two matches play the same thanks to nearly limitless combinations of factions, mercenary units and heroes, introducing unparalleled strategic depth and player expression to the genre.


The Indie Horror Showcase 2023 pågår just nu och här är de trailers som jag tyckte såg intressanta ut:


Ett nytt svensk spel släpptes nyss som jag ville visa upp!

Shell's Kitchen

Overcooked fast med krustader i stället!

Det är gratis!!

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