#Cyan Worlds var i spelutvecklarhimlen och vände och i somras tillkännagav de sina planer på att återuppliva #Uru Live. När IGN träffade Rand Miller förklarade han företagets planer och själva spelidén.

The idea behind Myst started out pretty simple with a storyline of a basic family feud. That's what drew people in. All the while, I think one of the strengths of Myst was that we built the world bigger than the game. The world itself, in our minds, was a lot bigger and the game referred to things that were outside of that small little window. Looking back, I really like that. I think at the time we were just wandering along and built it that way because it worked. Because it was based on story, it had to be that way.

We wrote the story and the idea for the worlds for the first two but behind the scenes was this grander scheme. It all had to do with those books. Those are the key to what we're building. Those are the portals and we think a lot of good fiction that we appreciate has portals that link us to interesting places. The window that Myst 1 through 5 painted was one little story of this family that somehow got touched by this greater culture, the D'ni, and how that affected them. Behind the themes was a grand storyline about this civilization that lived for thousands of years beneath earth's surface. It was the contact with them that spun off the Myst series