Huruvida Hans-Arlo Wegner är svenskättling eller läderbraxbärare framgår inte av intervjun på GameSpy, istället läggs allt krut på att reda ut vad som väntar oss i #Sacred 2. De inleder med att dissekera storyn:

The story is set approximately 2000 years before the actions of the original game. The advanced civilization of the High Elves dominates Ancaria. Their culture and technology is based upon the control of "T-Energy," the primordial power of life. The key to this energy was given to them by the angelic Seraphim, but with great power also comes great responsibility and disputes over the control of this source of power have caused a major rift within the Elven civilization. After a great war, the Elves lose their control over the T-Energy. It is mutating the landscape and the creatures within it and now threatens the whole realm. Ancaria is preparing for the dawn of a civil war, a battle that will shake the very foundations of the world.

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