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#Strategic War in Europe heter ett Windows-exklusivt strategispel som släpptes för drygt en månad sedan, och har ambitionen att vara "ett brädspel på datorn". Ja, inte bokstavligen då, för då ser det ut som ovan, men utvecklarnas tanke är alltså att fånga brädspelens charm och upplägg, utan att du behöver jaga runt efter andra spelsugna så fort du vill lira en omgång.

Detta utlovar Strategic War in Europe

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Main Features

Six unique scenarios spanning the time between 1939-1944
An expansive map of Europe and North Africa that is 68 hexes wide and 47 hexes high
Ability for players to control up to 25 countries across the three WW2 alliances (Allies, Axis, USSR)
Five scaling difficulty settings for each country for added challenge and replayability
Build your army to attack from land, sea, and air
Accessible economy and production system
Supply system based on convoys and railroads
Technology system that expands five unique areas of research
Dynamic weather system that affects the tide of war
Units can be boosted by commanders and gather experience, which can really change the course of war
Possibility to customize many aspects of the game, as FOW, or tracking AI movement
Reports which allow to easily check what happens in the past
Unlimited number of players in hotseat mode
Up to 4 players in PBEM mode

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