I den senaste intervjun med [[Ken Levine]], kreativt ansvarig på #Irrational Games, går de lite djupare än det vanliga "hur lång tid tar det att klara spelet?". Skribenten går rakt på sakt och ställer frågan som verkar ha eldat upp många forum, har #Bioshock politiska undertoner?

Sterling: In regard to Andrew Ryan (BioShock's villain), which sounds like a play on Ayn Rand, and the dystopic concepts presented within the game, would you say that BioShock is an indictment of objectivist ideology?

Ken Levine: Here's my favorite thing in the world about BioShock: I was on the forums; I think it was Slashdot or something that someone pointed me toward. There was one guy saying, "this asshole! This communist asshole! He's taking down objectivism!" There was another saying, "I don't want to play a game that's some sort of Republican screed about free-market bullshit!" I really love the fact that two people can look at the game and take away two totally different opinions on it. The game is not about answering questions and coming up with solutions; it's about asking questions. When you start the game and ride down the bathysphere and you see Ryan's short film asking, "is man not entitled to the sweat of his brow?" that's a hard question to say no to. And, I dig it. But then there's Rapture, and I like that sort of opaqueness in storytelling, because I don't think there are black and whites.

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