Som tidigare utlovat har nu succéspelet #The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion uppdaterats till version 1.1. Den fjäderlätta patchen på ynka 1.2 MB finns att slanga hem från filarkivet, Xbox 360-användare får hem den via Live.

  • Fixed an issue with falling through collision in Fort Wooden Hand.

  • Fixed issue with some shadows not lining up.

  • Going to jail while equipped with bound armor or weapons no longer crashes the game.

  • Fixed issue with bound weapons not dispelling properly after dismounting a horse.

  • Fixed issue with player shadow being delayed after fast travel.

  • Fixed infinite gold issue on some dead NPCs.

  • Fixed issue with disease resistences that made it impossible to contract vampirism under certain circumstances.

  • Fixed an issue where occasionally skills would not increase properly after you received an increase in a way other than skill uses like as a quest reward.

  • Fixed an issue for LOD art for city was not unloading quickly enough when exiting an interior.

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