På XSi hade vi turen att träffa Razers General Manager Robert Krakoff. För er som inte vet så är det Razer som utvecklar den hett omdiskuterade gamingmusen Boomslang. Musen är dyr, runt 800 skr, och tar tid att vänja sig vid på grund av annorlunda design. Det som ska göra den överlägsen andra möss är en mycket fler uppdateringar som gör att den rör sig jämnare. Knapparna ska vara lättare att trycka på osv. Vi lyckades få en intervju med Robert vilken kan läsas nedan.

FragZone: Give us a brief history about Razer


Robert: Razer is a division of karna LLC, a technology company. We make input devices for gamers. We make high quality, advanced technology products that should be considered as upgrades to a gamers system. We are 2 years old, sell through direct to the customer methods, mostly through e-commerce, razerzone.com, and our offices are in San Francisco California. At about any time their are over 400 people working on this product in manufacturing, marketing, customer service, tech support, driver development, fulfillment and operations.

FragZone: A lot of people don't think there's a business in professional gaming, is there?

Robert: Four professionals earned more than $100,000 US last year. The CPL is turning it into a spectator sport. They are working toward television coverage. It will happen, if not this year than the next. It will become a sport and a business just like the X-Games ... mark my words.

FragZone: WhereÂ’s the biggest market for your products?

Robert: US, Canada, UK, Germany, Sweden and Australia in that order.

FragZone: Where can Scandinavians get a Boomslang mouse? ItÂ’s extremely expensive to order from the US.

Robert: Currently you can order it from www.xsreality.com. If you live in any of the EEC 17 nation countries it can be delivered in a matter of days for local freight costs and no duties.

FragZone: There have been a lot of complaints about the mouse, which are the most common ones?

Robert: Difficult to adapt to the unusual shape. Too large. Scroller is too far forward. In a few cases the mouse squeaks. Buttons are too sensitive. Side buttons get in the way.

FragZone: Are you going to fix them and if so, how?

Robert: Most of the comments have come from a design that we tested over time, that rewards players who can adapt to the shape with improved accuracy, smoother performance, increased tracking capability and more sensitivity. We have no plans to "fix" this aspect of the mouse. Read the thousands of testimonial letters and reviews posted on our site, and you'll understand that the vast majority of customers who have used the Razer Boomslang can never go back to their old mouse. We never once believed that one shape or form factor would appeal to every hand size or style of play. That's why our competitors have multiple shapes and styles.

FragZone: How are you going to develop the mouse? New models?

Robert: All we need is time and money. R&D is expensive. It took us a year and a half to develop our current mouse. New products are the lifeblood of any technology driven company, but they cannot be rushed. Ergonomic testing is a crucial component of input devices.

FragZone: Why didnÂ’t you go with an optical mouse instead?

Robert: Ball mice track better, are more accurate and are more sensitive. Optical mice were not designed for fast-twitch games like Q3A or UT.

FragZone: You say the mouse is for professional gaming, but what professional gamers are using it?

Robert: So far the most noteworthy are Hakeem, Xenon, Sujoy, Fatality, RiX, Timber and Insane

FragZone: Are you going to develop any other professional gaming products, except mice?

Robert: Yes, but we won't release any specifics until E3 in Los Angeles in May

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