Gratispangaren #America's Army fortsätter att uppdateras stadigt och snart är det dags för version 2.7 att släppas. En av de stora nyheterna i patchen är slagfältet "Steamroller som på den officiella hemsidan beskrivs med följande ord:

"Local sources report that insurgents have recently moved into a heavily damaged city sector. Intelligence believes that the enemy will use this neighborhood as a staging area for operations against the host nation. One squad from 5/75 Rangers with Sniper/Observer team support must conduct counter-insurgency operations within the designated city sector in order to drive out enemy insurgents, secure key terrain, and secure the city sector. The urban terrain is heavily damaged with some buildings intact and there is evidence of prepared fighting positions and other improvements to include improvised bridges above street level. This mission features custom Ranger weapon load outs, random objective locations, and random spawn points."

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