Facepunch Studios omåttligt populära Garry’s Mod ska ju få en sorts uppföljare. Sandbox som spelet heter, har utvecklats under lång tid nu och har haft långa pauser i kommunikationen. Men i december fick vi ett livstecken från Garry Newman:

Nu har Sandbox (eller S&box) blivit med hemsida och man har även börjar lägga ut uppdateringar. Senast handlar det bland annat om ragdoll-fysik och ljus - hur solen gör sitt för att gjuta liv i skapelsen.


“I'm having tons of fun developing in relative isolation but I'm also keen to get more people playing with s&box as soon as possible. I'm putting thought into working out the best way to get there and what needs to be done before then.

We haven't done a decent internal test. We've had 3-4 people in a game and messed about, but that doesn't really count. Doing that feels feasible now so that's going to be my aim over the next couple of weeks.

There hasn't been a ton of thought on what it's like to develop without the engine source, or getting people to join your game when they don't have the gamemode.

This is the stuff I feel I need to address before we can invite people in. But it's also something that we won't get really right until people are using it, so it might be better to give access sooner rather than later.”