Kära strategivänner – Total War: Pharaoh är officiellt avtäckt! (Vilket utvecklaren råkade avslöja nyss, men ändå.)

Nästa del i Creative Assemblys strategisaga utspelas alltså i det forntida Egypten, närmare besämt under den femhundra år långa perioden New Kingdom (Nya riket) mellan ungefär 1 500 - 1 000 år före Kristus. Du har åtta fraktionsledare och tre kulturer att välja från när du inleder din strävan efter makten.

Total War: Pharaoh ska släppas redan i oktober i år. En första trailer har du högst upp i nyheten, mer info nedan och på spelets hemsida och i denna FAQ.

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The Pharaoh is dead, and the people of Egypt, Canaan, and the Hittite empire cry out for a new leader. Many desire the power of the throne, but the path to becoming Pharaoh is a perilous one. As the leader of these great nations, you must overcome societal collapse, face natural disasters and fight to protect your people against invaders from far off lands. 

With a choice of eight Faction Leaders from three rich cultural hubs, step into their unique playstyles and take charge of deadly and diverse unit rosters. Whether you’re charming the courts as a peerless diplomat, charging into battle as an unwavering commander or causing chaos as a fearless warlord, become a leader that history will remember. 

On your journey to becoming Pharaoh, uncover a beautifully lush and vibrant recreation of Ancient Egypt at the height of its power. From the fertile banks of the river Nile to the windswept, arid deserts of the Sinai Peninsula and the mountainous crags of ancient Anatolia, this magnificent visual reimagining brings the beauty and brutality of Egypt’s most tumultuous era to life. 

Enemy armies aren’t the only challenges to overcome on the battlefield. Lead your soldiers through sudden and dramatic shifts in weather, such as thunderstorms and sandstorms, and witness the tides of battle turn as it directly impacts the surrounding terrain. Beware the threat of fire too, as battles can become engulfed in flames, striking and spreading across the battlefield as it burns forests and damages the foundations of enemy settlements.  

With a brand-new Campaign Customisation feature, no two campaigns will ever feel the same. Determine how you play with an extended range of campaign customisation options, such as random starting positions for all factions, detailed resource settings, the ability to toy with natural disasters and much more. With an abundance of options, stack the odds against yourself for an added challenge or become an unmatched power to breeze your way to victory.