Nya inslag i editorn, reprisfunktioner, balansändringar, buggfixar, AI-förbättringar och ökad stabilitet, det är några av inslagen i den senaste patchen till #Heroes of Might and Magic V. Liksom tidigare finns patchen i tre versioner: den vanliga, samlarutgåvan och den som köps online. Du hittar samtliga i filarkivet.






Duel Preset Editor - Allows creating custom duel presets via the Map Editor for later use in the game's Duel Mode.

User Campaign - Allows creating new campaigns for the game by connecting a number of new maps via the Map Editor.

Dialogue and Combat Replay - Allows the recording and viewing of previously played combats and cutscenes\dialogue scenes in the game.

Movie Maker - Allows the editing of previously saved combat movies.

Observer Mode - Allows the user to watch other players? multiplayer Duel Mode matches.




* Game no longer crashes when a neutral creature attacks a gated enemy with cinematic camera enabled.

* Game no longer desynchronizes after loading a save.

* Game no longer crashes when splitting the joining creature stacks.

* Fixed possible crashes caused by changing the game resolution.

* Fixed memory leaks in combats and combat replays.

* Reduced the amount of bandwidth used during combat.

* Game no longer crashes when someone attempts to teleport to an invalid map cell.

* Game no longer crashes when a Phoenix is summoned after the death of the previous Phoenix

* Game now functions correctly when it is the turn of a creature under the Puppet Master spell.

Camera, graphics, interfaces:

* Camera options work correctly now.

* Gamma color was changed for the Mark of the Necromancer icon

* Fixed inaccessibility of Hero Screen and Ghost Screen interfaces in certain specific cases.

* Creature selection no longer remains on the screen after the time limit is exceeded in duel mode (with Dynamic Battle option).

* Corrected the number of lost creatures shown at the end of combat if the ?Raise Dead? spell was used.

* Town ?Upgrades? hotkey fixed.

* Griffins no longer disappear from the ATB bar in some cases when the hero performs a melee attack.

* Options sliders can no longer be moved if disabled

* The ?Hire creatures? button no longer becomes disabled if there are no dwellings (inside or outside the town) from which to hire creatures.

* War machines no longer appear to be affected by Master of Fire.

* Password length condition removed for MP games.

* Cursor in Ghost Mode only appears active for objects with which it can currently interact.

* Added information about the damage done in ghost combat results (ghost mode).

* Added more information for Resurrection and Raise Dead spell predictions.

* Scroll bars in tavern interface corrected

* Added ubi.com access to ratings for add-on races

* Ghost combat results are now closed automatically if a combat between the Heroes is started afterwards.

* Adventure Map scrolling corrected

Gameplay, Mechanics, Balance:

* The Necromancy working principles have been changed in accordance with v2.1

* The Training working principles have been changed in accordance with v2.1

* Improved combat AI tactics for strike-and-return creatures.

* AI now uses ?Mark of Necromancer? ability properly.

* AI no longer casts the Armageddon spell if it can win with no casualties without using the spell.

* AI now understands players' divertive placing tactics (such as those needed to defend shooting creatures).

* AI can now bring its troops closer to moats.

* AI no longer stops casting spells after Counterspell has been cast.

* AI now uses Necromancy more efficiently.

* AI now ignores summoned creatures in combat if it is shortly to eliminate the main forces.

* It is no longer possible to duplicate the army illegally in duel mode.

* Fixed: Autosave did not function in some conditions

* A primary skill has been now added for hero ?Vayer?.

* The use of "Consume Artifact" has been disabled for human players in Quick/Auto Combat.

* It is no longer possible to switch the hero in 3x3-duel mode when a hypnotized unit's turn comes.

* ?Imbue Arrow? now works properly even if ?Deadeye Shot? is not present.

* It is no longer possible to control blinded creature with ?Divine Guidance? or ?Teleport Assault?.

* Hero now moves to the town gate cell after defeating the town guards.

* Arch-Devils can now summon Pit Lords from any demonic corpse.

* Hero Naadir can no longer raise ghosts from phantoms.

* Angels can no longer escape Treant?s Entangling Roots in Quick/Auto Combat.

* Complex artefacts (?Magic scroll of??, ?Wand of??) now work properly when equipped from the start of the mission.

* ?Firewall? and ?Fire Trap? now function properly when applied to creatures on their initial positions right after Tactic phase.

* In duel 3x3 mode, spell effects on the hero are now only active when this hero is present on the battlefield.

* Fire shield only retaliates to melee attacks now.

* Corrected the amount of mana present at the end of the turn for heroes cursed by ghosts.

Map Editor:

* The map editor documentation has been updated with changes related to the new features.

* Corrected the game editor option concerning the number of monsters that can be set in a troop.

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