#Epic har en god vana att inkludera ett stort antal banor när de släpper en ny del i Unreal Tournament-serien och #Unreal Tournament III tycks inte bli något undantag. Det verkar dock inte vara helt enkelt att komma på passande namn till dem alla och därför har #Epic utlyst en tävling där du ska komma på ett namn till en av spelets Capture The Flag-banor.

Here?s some tips on how we choose a name:
- It has to sound cool!
- The name must be of the form ?CTF-Name?. Multi-word names should be capitalized, i.e., ?CTF-FirstSecondThirdWord?.
- Don?t be silly with using names trademarked by someone else, immature stuff, etc.
- The name has to fit the mood. This level takes place in orbit around Omicron 6, the home of the sinister Necris. CTF-HappySunriseBunnyKisses is not appropriate.
- The name has to relate to the map closely, so that if someone says the map name you?ll know which one they mean. For example, a map with a big suspension bridge is called CTF-Suspense. The UT DM map with the deadly pressure chamber was called DM-Pressure. We?ve broken this rule sometimes, but it?s something we?re paying more attention to in UT3.
- For this map, the obvious hook is the gorgeous skybox with the star (Omicron) rising over the planet?s horizon.

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