Visceral's new game was meant to be the start of a brand new IP, according to FZ's sources.

When #Battlefield 3 and #4 was released in a relatively short period of time, with essentially the same enviroments, voices started talking about stalemate. Some critics even thought that another studio should step in to inject new blood and fresh ideas into the Battlefield series. That would give Dice time and resoruces to come up with something new. But FZ's sources tells us that in its early days #Battlefield: Hardline wasn't meant to be a Battlefield game.

But the game was moulded into the Battlefield formula during the development process, and the #Dead Space creators #Visceral Games took over the responsibility from Dice.

A funny sidenote is that Clen Schofield, former General Manager at Visceral, now is in charge of November's #Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, while his old colleagues are working on the next Battlefield game.

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