I förstapersonsspelet #Alliance: The Secret War, offentliggjort på förra veckans E3-mässa får vi följa en familj soldater från det första världskriget till nutid - allt knyts samman av en konspirationsteorier. För utvecklingen står hyfsat okända #Windward Mark Interactive men en förhandstitt på GameSpot ger mersmak.

The E3 level takes place in Egypt in the early 1970s, around the time of the Yom Kippur War, and features some close-range firefights while also showing off some of the destructible environments. In one instance, a gunner in a large tower pins you down, and you're incapable of firing back, so you have to draw his fire long enough for one of your teammates to destroy the tower, which topples gloriously to the streets below. Another cool aspect of the gameplay is the ability to use dead bodies as "organic cover" (in the words of the developers); they'll take bullets and flop around as you hold them in front of you.

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