Strömmen av godis till er som väntar på #Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War-expansionen Dark Crusade tycks inte sina, idag bjuds det på en intervju hos FiringSquad. Jonny Ebbert, #Relics chefdesigner på projektet, berättar bland annat om de två nya raserna.

There are two new races in Dark Crusade: the Tau and the Necrons. The Tau are a futuristic race that are based on superior range and heavy firepower. Their weakness, though, is that they can’t take much punishment. It helps to think of them as “glass cannons.” The Tau fight for a concept known as The Greater Good, and their goal is to build a utopia that spans the entire galaxy.

The Necrons are not so benevolent. They are an ancient race of metallic skeletons that are determined to enslave all life in the galaxy, and they’ve been lying in tombs all over the galaxy for the last 65 million years waiting for their revenge. The strength of the Necrons is that they just won’t stay dead. For every 3 Necrons you kill, one will probably pull its individual parts back together and rejoin the fight. They’re terrifying to fight.

This brings us to a total of 7 unique, playable races - each with its own art, personality and military model. This is unprecedented in an RTS.

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