I slutet av förra månaden blev den första expansionen till mastodontstrategispelet #Medieval 2: Total War [n=18674 officiell], med en trailer i bakhasorna på pressmeddelandet. Sugna skrivbordsgeneraler hittar en intervju med #Creative Assemblys Brendan Rogers på Computer and Video Games, där de bland annat diskuterar miljöerna för de fyra nya kampanjerna.

Kingdoms' four new campaigns are set in the Americas, Great Britain, Northern Europe and the Holy Land - what made those locations ideal for the expansion?

Brendan Rogers: For Britannia, Teutonic and Americas a major factor was the public demand as we are constantly bombarded with requests to make games covering the history of these particular lands in greater detail. The Crusades is the fourth campaign and it is included because it offers such an interesting game world.

During medieval times the Crusade in the Middle East was the place of hero's, professional soldiers, religious zealots, holy relics, wealth, and intense politics. It also gives us an opportunity to explore an end game that escalates to a climatic finish.

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