Danskar bjuder in till djupdykande utforskning av rymdgrottor (som råkar vara nedlusade av fiender).

Deep Rock Galactic annonserades för snart ett år sedan men nu är det dags att tvinna skägget och greppa spaden, det danska gruvspelet är släppt på Steam Early Access. Fokus ligger på samarbete med ett par vänner och vissa kallar det en korsning mellan Left 4 Dead och Minecraft.

De inledande användarrecensionerna på Steam är överlag positiva och folk verkar gilla de procedurellt skapade grottorna,

If ever something said "It does exactly what it says on the tin" it's this game.

Danger. Darkness. Dwarves.

So lets cover each key point there.

1) Danger.
Me and my miner friends thought to ourselves "Hey we've played these games a hundred times." and jumped into a mission one difficulty level higher than standard. This turned out to be the worst decision we had ever made as our drill drop pod opened itself to a scene from Starship Troopers.

Our scout ziplined away to the other side of the cave where he was spit on by web slinging bugs and exploded thanks to a nearby suicide bug, our driller ran to the nearest wall and drilled himself a dead end grave whilst screaming the entire time over voice chat, our gunner fired his minigun from the doorway as I (the engi) tried to get turrets up just in time to take down the Patrician bug coming up the ramp which then released gas into the entire spawn chamber on death forcing us to leave right in to a chasm where one of us went down to fall damage.

Then the drop pod left.

This game has danger.

2) Darkness.
This game is DARK, this game is the kind of game where you see your allies have torches on their armour and say "Hey, how do you turn the torch on?" only to find your torch was already on and you've made the situation oh so much worse.

You can call in a Floodlight to light up big open cave areas you've dug in to, but it costs gold so you better have mined some. You can also call in a giant sentry gun, which is handy when you're suddenly told a swarm is coming. But not so handy if you want to use that gold for a floodlight.

3) Dwarves.
This game is a Dwarf game. It's as simple as that. If you dream of gold, if you dream of digging and delving, if your beard is longer than your hair then this is exactly the game you're on this page to find. Greed and Gold are king here and you'll go back into another nightmare soley because you want more credits to upgrade your gear. I've never seen a better execution of what it means to be a dwarf in a sci-fi setting.

You dig, you mine, you make money, you call the driller a whale-piper for drilling into you by mistake and you yell "DONKEY!" for a box on legs to come and let you drop in your hard earned gold... And then you probably die, holding as much minerals as you can, surrounded by stone. The dream.

Play this game. Buy it. Win a key, Enter a competition, Beg your mother for a copy. Whatever you need to do to get this game. If you have 3 friends and you like screaming in deep dark pits as everything goes to hell. Play it.

Spelet ges ut av Coffee Stain Publishing, en avdelning på den Skövde-baserade studion som ämnar återinvestera pengarna de tjänat på succén Goat Simulator i spelbranschen.

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