Mångsidiga #Irrational Games, som behärskar både #skräck och #action språkade nyligen med IGN om deras kommande titel #Bioshock. Vanligtvis är det frontmannen Ken Levine som brukar stå för svaren men idag får istället projektledaren Jon Chey komma till tals.

... AI is one of our core tech and design focuses. When we started this game, we wanted to focus on the idea of an ecology - a world that isn't just about running into a room and gunning down everyone in it. Can you have a game in which there are lots of hostile forces but there are also relationships between the AIs that you can exploit and work with? So the Little Sister and the Big Daddy are obviously core to that concept. I mean, these are a pair of entities in the world that have a complex relationship with each other. How often do you hear that word mentioned in connection with a shooter?