#Europa Universalis III-tillägget #Napoleon's Ambition har uppdaterats. Spelets inbyggda uppdaterare används för att plocka hem version 2.1, som bjussar på följande nyheter:

* A new colonial system, where logistics and distance determine who can reach new land to colonize.
* Revised diplomacy where Warnings & Guarantees mean something, alliances will expire if bad relations, and unions may last past the death of the first monarch.
* Updated economy system with changes to war taxes and bank loans.
* Military System improvements. Mercenary moral is now longer affected by your country choices and tradition is now gained only by real combat.
* AI tweaks to handles technology investments, peace negotiations and invasions much better.
* Revolt System improvements where nationalism penalties are more severe, and the number of rebels is now determined by both manpower and income.

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