Nästa vecka drar en ny betafas av #World in Conflict igång och spelare kommer att kunna testa ett gäng nya funktioner. Den stora nyheten stavas klanspel, du och dina vänner kommer att kunna följa ert lags framgång med officiell ranking och matcher kommer att kunna ses igen. Även grafiktokar har något att se fram emot, prestandan ska ha ökats och sitter du med ett fläskigt grafikkort går nu [[DirectX 10]]-effekter slås på.

LOS ANGELES - July 6, 2007 - Sierra Entertainment is pleased to invite PC gamers worldwide to join in the E3 2007 celebration by offering access to the World in Conflict July BETA Test Event. The World in Conflict July BETA Test Event will kick off on the first day of E3 ? July 11 ? and run through the end of the month, providing players at home with access to the same demos given to press and industry insiders at the invite-only trade show in Santa Monica, CA.

Gamers can sign up for the World in Conflict July BETA Test Event by visiting www.worldinconflict.com/beta.

World in Conflict is the highly anticipated action-strategy game from Sierra?s own Massive Entertainment that asks the terrifying question, what if the cold war didn?t end? The game represents the next-generation of strategy games, pitting Cold War-era superpowers against one another with completely destructible 3D battlefields, blistering visuals utilizing DX10 technology, and an innovative gameplay mechanism, removing traditional resource-gathering and base-building in favor of non-stop combat, tactical decisions and an FPS-like addiction to intense action.

About the World in Conflict July BETA Test Event

Gamers who participate in the World in Conflict July BETA Test Event will be able to square off in two multiplayer maps featuring Soviet and American forces, as well as a Tutorial mission.

In addition, gamers who have pre-ordered World in Conflict through participating retailers will receive access to a third, exclusive map featuring Soviet and NATO forces doing battle. Gamers who pre-order the game any time between now and when the BETA closes at the end of July, will immediately be given access to the additional exclusive map. To find participating pre-order retailers, gamers should visit www.worldinconflict.com/preorder .

The World in Conflict July BETA Test Event will showcase:

  • Two multiplayer maps: HomeTown and Farmland

  • One multiplayer map EXCLUSIVE to pre-order customers: ?Riviera?

  • Multiplayer matches hosting from 1v1 to 8v8 games

  • Tutorial mission

New Features in the World in Conflict July BETA Test Event since the June Closed Beta Event Include:

  • Clan Matches are now enabled

  • Clan Ladder/Ranking are now enabled

  • Replays are now enabled

  • Player-uploaded graphics on vehicles now enabled

  • Performance enhancements have been made

  • Multitude of tweaks and polish

  • Major updates have been done to voice and sound files

  • DX10 features are now enabled

World in Conflict will be available in both standard edition and Collector?s Edition packaging. The World in Conflict Collector?s Edition will include limited edition extras for hardcore fans and Cold War enthusiasts, including an authentic piece of the Berlin Wall, a bonus DVD from The History Channel®, behind the scenes videos and special packaging.

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